Crossing Borders: Cambodia Itinerary (Day 1)

Backpacking Cambodia is a famous bucket list destination of many world travelers. This Southeast Asian country is famous for having the world's largest religious monument, the historical grandeur of Angkor Wat - made even more famous by Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie (ever watched Tomb Raider?)
It took us a long 16 hour cross border bus trip from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. When we arrived in the bus terminal of Siem Reap, it was almost midnight. Good thing our chosen accommodation in Cambodia offers free pick up service. We settled in our rooms and rested immediately.

Bou Savy Guesthouse, a TripAdvisor favorite

Of all the guesthouses in Cambodia I decided to push through with Bou Savy Guesthouse mainly because of the many positive reviews at TripAdvisor - affordable rate, friendly staff, strategic location, good food and an available pool.
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Each of us paid $40 for this Cambodia tour covering out 3 nights accommodation with triple air-conditione…

Crossing Borders: Ho Chi Minh to Phnom Penh to Siem Reap

Our 2 full-day tour in Vietnam has been a good introduction to this Indochina trip. We engaged ourselves into a lot of walking and shopping!
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Off to our next stop - Cambodia
We asked the assistance of our hotel in Vietnam, Bich Duyen, to book for us 5 tickets to cross border to Cambodia. Fee is $27 each.
This Vietnam to Cambodia cross border process was much easier compared to Cambodia to Thailand. Onboard Mekong Express Limousine Bus, we proceeded to Mộc Bài border. 3 hours from the time we left the hotel, we arrived at the border and now ready to exit Vietnam. We gave our passports to the bus staff, went out and left our bags in the bus and waited for our names to be called to get back our stamped passports. You really need to listen carefully to hear your name, it's hard for Vietnamese to pronounce our names correctly. 
Vietnam-Cambodia border map

Across the border of Moc Bai, we walked our way to its counterpart, the Bave…

Crossing Borders: Backpacking with a Senior and Indochina Itinerary

I have always wanted to travel to Indochina by means of backpacking, it's cheap, there's more freedom plus it's more adventurous than getting a typical tour package from a travel agency. I have pictured doing this together with friends while carrying each of our own backpacks. But strikingly, one Piso Fare promo had me traveling with people more than twice my age!

Dinagyang Festival Screams Hala Bira Iloilo!

January 24, 2014, after spending exactly a week in Cebu with Sinulog Festival being the trip's highlight, I flew next to Iloilo for yet another of Philippine's largest festivity, the Dinagyang Festival.

It's one of my much anticipated Philippine Festival plus it's also my first Iloilo visit. My parents said that our ancestors originally are from this side of Western Visayas thus I was happy to explore.

Throwback Sinulog 2014 (Part 2)

So okay, this is way long overdue post. 3 years late to be exact. Sorry na, may energy gap lang...
Seriously, I miss blogging. Sharing my travel adventures back in the Philippines (UAE-based na po ako). I was so busy being an  adult, that's why.
This trip happened 3 years ago so here's me hoping to make this post as helpful and good read as possible.

The Sinulog Grand Street Parade (Day 2)

The first day of Sinulog Festival is celebrated through the Solemn Foot Procession where devotees dance in honor of Sto. Niño. I had a fair glimpse of how many people will be going to the streets come the grand street parade set to happen the next day.
After taking our breakfast, we hurriedly strolled Osmeña street as some participants were already there. Cebu's Sinulog Grand Street Parade must probably be the country's longest parade time, it starts in the morning and ends at night! Despite the sweet smiles, I can imagine the exhaustion of the performers inside. Hats off guys! Nakak…

SHOPBACK: Online Shopping in the Philippines

Love the perks of shopping online! Imagine effortlessly hopping from one store to the next anytime you want, anywhere you want to be... even while wearing your tsinelas!
More than a year ago, because of work, I was relocated to Mindanao. Into a province that's far from the hustle bustle of city life and outrageous Manila traffic. Apparently, it's also far from the biggest shopping malls. And when you have no big malls around you, chances are, your shopping choices are limited.
Given the situation, I was left with my next reliable shopping solution - Online Shopping.

Back in June, BPI introduced me to SHOPBACK. The website has already been featured in PhilStar, Manila Times and Inquirer. It's basically a site that refers you to some of the biggest and most trusted online stores here in the Philippines and abroad. Simply put, you shop online and earn a cashback.

Crossing Borders: Vietnam Itinerary (Day 2)

I woke up seeing my aunt almost ready for the day's tour which I found odd because she has always been the last to prepare. She forgot that Vietnam is one hour delayed of Manila time! 

Day 1 left our toes tired and muscles aching (the effect of our 10km marathon stroll). The first day was more of 'DIY-slash-it's okay to get lost tour'. Day 2 turned out to be a more 'relaxed-slash-dive into Vietnam's historical tour'. Having booked a half day tour, we rode a bus that brought us to Cu Chi district.

TNK Travel

Our tour guide from TNK Travel was prompt, picked us from our hotel and assisted us to the bus where we'd be joining other tourists. Almost 80% of travelers inside the bus were made up of young American-European backpackers.
Cu Chi district is approximately 1.5 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh. It was a comfortable ride with our guide sharing his invaluable stories and insights about the Vietnam War. He was more than knowledgeable, he was also candid.