I first heard of Caleruega when my cousin boasted her recent trip to a charming church nestled on top of the hill just right after Tagaytay. Few years later, during the Holy Week, me and my best of friends had the luxury of time to visit Tagaytay and I persuaded everyone to see this church my cousin has been raving about.

This is my first visit. Off we go to CALERUEGA.

As our car maneuvered its way up the hills, I wonder, is the place this isolated?! There were no big structures on its roadside. No vehicles. No people around. We were even confused if we really did take the right way. Then we saw a tall large wall. We arrived just in time for a short walk as we realized they will be closing in just a few hours. We wasted no time and hurried ourselves inside. As we step into the entrance gate, a touch of peacefulness welcomed me. With a church like structure greeting the visitors, I first thought it was already the church. Upon entering, an impressive lobby showcases a grand architectural stairs. On the left side corner you’ll see a room full of souvenir items while the right side leads you to a pathway waiting to be discovered.

As I gradually walk my way to the upper ground and slowly discover bits and pieces of what this place has to offer, I wonder how this beautiful nature spot has been kept a secret…at least from me!

And then there it is, the "Transfiguration Chapel"
Transfiguration Chapel, Caleruega
The church might be charmingly grand on the outside but one need not to be intimidated as it proposes a feeling of a humbled home inside. The spot is perfect for an intimate wedding – as their motto states, “Closer to Nature, Closer to God”. Surely one of wedding videographers favorite, the place offers that perfect wedding couple shot.

Close to the church is that of Mama Mary’s statue where another breathtaking view of the hills could be seen. The vast green of an infinite land surrounds this sacred place.

At the bottom part of the church is a long road where the 14 Stations of the Cross could be observed along the way. It sure was a long walk! But it was all worth it, especially when you’re in its near end. The huge pond garden is a must seen here in Caleruega. It’s definitely one of my favorite spot.

Few years after my first visit, another feature was added just a few walk after the pond garden, the Hanging Bridge. Walking or running while jumping onto it like we did will definitely give you an adrenaline rush. A comfy picnic spot is waiting at the end of the bridge, giving visitors the chance to recuperate after a long walk and a thrilling hanging bridge experience.
Hanging Bridge, Caleruega

Caleruega is located at Brgy. Kaylaway, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

How to get there...

Via South Superhighway:
• Take Sta. Rosa exit.
• Proceed towards TAGAYTAY Market.
• Turn right to TAGAYTAY Rotonda.

Via Coastal Road
From Roxas Blvd. proceed to Aguinaldo Highway all the way up to Tagaytay.

Proceed to BLTB or CROW Bus Terminal along EDSA in Pasay Board Buses going to any of these destinations: Nasugbu, Balayan or Calatagan. Get off at Evercrest, Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas. Tricycle service is available at Evercrest entrance or it’s a 2 kilometers hike to Caleruega.


  1. Found your blog about Caleruega, so happen that I also have just recently posted my own entry about my experience in Caleruega. Your readers might want to check my post as well.

  2. I just have my 23th birthday yesterday March 2... My bf and I just got a trip in Caleruega... Amazing, Wow, Nice, Relaxing, a few words that our mouth uttered because of the relaxing ambiaence... So nice to pray, parang katabi mo lang si GOD. A very unforgettable birthday celebration for me.. Try to visit that place, you will feel the real beauty:) Thank's for all the care takers who took care of it.. GODBLESS:)


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