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Postcards from the Future

Philippine Real Estate Festival July 24-26, 2008 VENUE: SMX CONVENTION CENTER Seashell Drive, Mall of Asia, Pasay City

"Another learning opportunity for me...Three days ago I went to MOA with mom and my aunt who arrived that same day from Koronadal to check out SMX's current exhibit. Being a certified real estate broker she encouraged me to go to there. I have always been fascinated with houses (I'm a frustrated architect!) and the investing process that goes with it so I was excited. Inside the hall, were a mixture of everything - from construction businesses to housing loans to buying and selling of properties. But what catches my attention most was the talk given by world renowned Pinoy archi-genius Jun Palafox and his "Postcards from the Future".

South Cotabato: T'nalak Festival 2008

I left Marbel (aka Koronadal) on the day the T'inalak Festival started. Although main activities hasn't started yet, I was still able to visit some exhibits inside and outside the ProTech building. Good thing I was scheduled for an afternoon flight in GenSan so I have the whole morning to check the Kubo Competition.

T'nalak Festival – Koronadal City An annual celebration in South Cotabato which demonstrates the importance and significance of t'nalak cloth as the cultural image of South Cotabato. The festival, being a one T'nalak piece, designed by patterns would likewise represent various activities during the celebration characterized by its outlook on being people and product-centered, development oriented, and with tourism, history, culture and arts-driven events.

Baras Bird Sanctuary in Tacurong City

My Herons!
My very first trip to one of the most visited site in my province in Tacurong, the Baras Bird Sanctuary is truly a humbling experience. The road trip on the way itself is an adventure, the simplicity of the kubo houses and vast farmlands is truly a feast in the eyes. Can't wait to see those "large birds" as locals call it.


From my favorite sanctuary, the Suedad Garden in Lake Sebu, here are some of the most bizaare stories compiled during my interview with Aunt Malen. I decided to post these short stories for readers to somehow understand that mystical stories do happen, that mystical creatures do exist...and they should be given due respect as they play a huge part in the balance of nature.

Balben Family Cove: Exploring the "Hidden Garden" of Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu The summer capital of Southern Mindanao "A long time ago, a local princess had a dream of coming to the mountain lands of Sebu. The princess saw a big leaf. When she opened it up a frog leaped out along with a gush of water which flooded the land and became the lake. From the heavens she threw here pythons to the earth which formed the islands at the lake. And in order for the princess to pass by the lake, her brother parted the islands. The name Sebu actually came from the loyal servant of the princess who fell and died on this lake during his service."