Baras Bird Sanctuary in Tacurong City

My Herons!

My very first trip to one of the most visited site in my province in Tacurong, the Baras Bird Sanctuary is truly a humbling experience. The road trip on the way itself is an adventure, the simplicity of the kubo houses and vast farmlands is truly a feast in the eyes. Can't wait to see those "large birds" as locals call it.

Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat -- In an almost two hectares of land lying by a river bank here, the crack of dawn offers a melodious harmony of birds; thousands dot the skies also during sunsets, a pleasure for bird watchers.
large heron on top of the tree
Bird species such as the intermediate egret, great egret and rufus night heron have been monitored in the farm, said Romeo Jacobo, Sr., one of the four wildlife wardens paid by the city government to take care of the bird habitat. The city government declared Baras a bird sanctuary on Aug. 7, 2002.

The birds hunt for food, particularly fishes, in Liguasan marsh, Lake Buluan and Lake Sebu. Liguasan and Lake Buluan straddle part of North Cotabato and Maguindanao while Lake Sebu is in South Cotabato. The birds were also monitored as hunting food in the remote coastal town of Lebak in Sultan Kudarat.

It was summer when I visited the place and our tour guide said most of the birds are on trees because it was mating season. I was lucky to have seen this cute white heron on land. We also got to see a wild boar.
outside view | Baras Bird Sanctuary
This trip is also a bonding moment with me and the Magbanua Family, especially with Ate Inday who has been there since my childhood days. This day made me want to bring her to Manila again to let her see the developments that happened after she left the city and decided to live in the province.
huge palm oil trees along the road
You'll know you're already close to the bird sanctuary once you see these huge palm trees which are very much visible from the road.
preserved bird species
These preserved bird species will greet you at the entrance.

How many birds can you find? Click on the image to see a larger view

It's best to visit Baras Bird Sanctuary during summer when the road is not slippery.


  1. Finally got the chance to read for leisure :) isang beses palang kami nakapunta sa Baras, January 09. Uncle Ruben brought us there! i didn't know about it before. When we arrived, some of the birds were returning from feeding. I don't know why we didn't bring the cam :( cel photos lang..wala pang interes si cocoy sa mga ibon nuon kaya nag-aya agad umalis. we would've stayed longer.

  2. Next visit natin sa province, let's go there together! But I'll make sure to arm myself with umbrella. Scary yung pagpunta ko, the birds were flying right above us. When you're damn lucky, there's a great chance you might get pooped on! Yikes, buti na lang behave sila nung bumisita kami. Hehe, vanity strikes! Mahirap na :)

  3. im planning to visit this next week!

  4. @eric: Wow, talaga sa Tacurong ka next week? Happy trip. Sana maisama mo sa website mo ang Baras Bird Sanctuary, hindi pa kasi siya ganun kasikat. Thanks for visiting my site Byahilo! :)


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