South Cotabato: T'nalak Festival 2008

I left Marbel (aka Koronadal) on the day the T'inalak Festival started. Although main activities hasn't started yet, I was still able to visit some exhibits inside and outside the ProTech building. Good thing I was scheduled for an afternoon flight in GenSan so I have the whole morning to check the Kubo Competition.

T'nalak Festival – Koronadal City
An annual celebration in South Cotabato which demonstrates the importance and significance of t'nalak cloth as the cultural image of South Cotabato. The festival, being a one T'nalak piece, designed by patterns would likewise represent various activities during the celebration characterized by its outlook on being people and product-centered, development oriented, and with tourism, history, culture and arts-driven events.

The T'nalak Festival, named after a woven cloth popularized by the province's T'boli tribe, is slated on July 11-18. This festival is celebrated during the foundation anniversary of South Cotabato. Most of the activities are done in the city of Koronadal, being the provincial center of administration.

Koronadal is a city of warm people. It has a high literacy rate of 96% making the city an awardee of academic excellence in Southeastern paradise of Philippines. It takes about an hour to reach General Santos City, which boasts of seaports and an airport having international capabilities. Koronadal is approximately 59 kilometers from General Santos City, and travel time is approximately one hour by bus or public utility vehicle. Travel time from the other two entry points, Kidapawan and Cotabato City, varies from 1.5 to 2.5 hours either by bus or public utility vehicle.

T'nalak Festival Agri Trade Fair

ate ging, ate melanie and cutie divine

durian! mom's fave and our ref's enemy!

ProTech gate entrance

Tribal Village
inside ProTech

Lake View T'boli Craft store inside Protech Building
stage area | Protech Center
native products from South Cotabato

Kubo Competition





Lake Sebu


  1. hi,

    pwede ba malaman kung sino ang nag design ng kubo ng NORALA? Do you have his contact number? thx

  2. Hi! I have no idea who designed the kubo for Norala. sorry :(


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