From my favorite sanctuary, the Suedad Garden in Lake Sebu, here are some of the most bizaare stories compiled during my interview with Aunt Malen. I decided to post these short stories for readers to somehow understand that mystical stories do happen, that mystical creatures do exist...and they should be given due respect as they play a huge part in the balance of nature.
1. On the first new year spent by the family, Uncle Nonoy was the first to hear a calming sound of flute coming from the lake. The mystical sound lasted in a matter of seconds.
2. Before the garden was built, some Natives living across the garden site once told the Suedad Family that they have been seeing small forms of "fireworks" every new year's eve. Hmm...well whatever that is, everyone's entitled to their own New Year celebration.
3. When the structure was ready for occupancy, the Suedads didn't bring any animal pets. Not long after, 2 german shepherds visited and made the place their new home. They were the first pets cared and were named Wowee and Betsy. Since then the place has been a home to many animal creatures such as chickens, indonesian cat, pigeons, tarsier, herons and more. But the most mystical of all were the swiftlets that had built nests inside one of the houses.

Swiftlets or swallows are known for their wild behaviors and could only be seen in caves. Well I guess the place really attracts animals.
glossy swiftlets

Herons lounging on the lake
4. Analisa, then a Grade 6 student told Auntie Malen that she saw a "butterfly" that smiled at her. Now she realized that it was a lambana that she saw. They are believed to be guardian spirits of nature, bringing blessing or curses upon those who bring benefits or harm to the forests and mountains. She said it's a small fairy in white wearing a flower crown elevating on top of flower petals in the garden. Think about tinkerbell!

5. Evil spirits? Nah! Once a babaylan tried to enter the garden but couldn't. According to her, her "alagas" were pulling her away from the site. Guess they couldn't stand the good entities guarding our spot.

6. When Auntie Malen and a friend were having an afternoon stroll near the lake, she put her hand in one of the trees to take rest when she immediately moved her hand away from the tree. Strangely the tree was so hot, it was like a "chimney" heat. According to my aunt, it was 3pm when she noticed a very delicious smell and a golden spoon sound also coming from the same tree. Hmm...looks like somebody inside that tree could cook a real good food!
7. On 2003, around 7 in the evening while there was a brownout, my uncle together with 12 other fellow leaders heard a weird but wonderful sound during a meeting. A music that sorts of coming from a jewelry box. It is believed that when this happens, the place has treasure deposits. But I believe that the real treasure lies within the heart and spirit of everyone living in the place.

8. There was a time when a military clairvoyant pays a visit to our place. According to him, upon entering the garden, he saw the place having a really good positive aura. He also explained that the garden site itself is the "hi-way" of the spirits. Much like a "city" where good spirits live.
9. During a baptismal celebration, Auntie Aderlita Casas, who's also gifted with a third eye saw 7 marching elves! One of them seems to be the king since he wears a crown and a baston. Hmm...I wonder if they're friends of Snow White...
10. Aunt Malen visited an elder from a distant province. This elder who knew nothing of Lake Sebu told Aunt Malen that she's living in a really good place. She was able to describe the garden! It was like she sees the lake from Auntie Malen's eyes. Must be the energy from the lake that my Aunt manifests.


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