A Peek at the La Mesa Eco Park

Hanging out at Ecopark
November 16, 2008

This isn't my first time to get inside La Mesa Eco Park. I've been here a couple of times already but didn't had the chance to fully enjoy and appreciate the place since those were taping days. Meaning "ngaragan days", and that most of the times we're shooting scenes during the night when there were no available lights around, just the lights coming from the company's obvan generator.

Well, fortunately this time, I'm back with my family and close relatives...and it is morning! Yehey! Got the rest the day to tour around and grab as many pictures as possible.

Shell Flower Terraces
This spot is one of many TV shows favorite in La Mesa Eco Park. Aside the vibrant colours of the auroras, the stunning landscape view and the clear blue sky, this area is worth a thousand shots.
(This is also the area where Sarah Geronimo first performed her famous rain dance in the movie "A Very Special Love" along with Loydi)
 ready for a long walk? Why not challenge yourself and get to see the "price" at the end of this stairs.

We went there to have a picnic. The park has five hectares of picnic spots with grilling facilities underneath a forest of varied trees.


Fishing Wharf

Petron Fitness Trail
The park is not just conducive for relaxation but also for some early morning workout. Warm up your bodies for a bike or jog under the shades of trees and try the 17 exercise stations for free.

Want more adventure? Then try wall climbing!

Superferry boating Lagoon and Pavilion 
For P100 per boat with a maximum capacity of 4, have fun paddling with your loved ones for 30 minute boat ride. We went crazy in maneuvering our boat, no one knew the right way to paddle that we just went circling one area for a couple of minutes. Good thing we manage to roam around after a short struggle on which direction to take. Nevertheless, we really did enjoy the ride. Plus the view of the sunset was a good way to end that day. The park operates 8-5pm daily.
 Here's a video of our boat struggle. Enjoy!

La Mesa Ecopark
East Fairview Quezon City


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