Lake Sebu 1990s

Here are the first set of pictures taken way back early 1990s. The site then (which is now named Balben Family Cove) is very much bare! No huts, no warm water, no concrete roads and no electricity.The place is so peaceful.

The following pics were taken during our first Grand Reunion in 1996. The family's site is located at the very end of the highway, hidden among the greens...
Before we could reach the site, we were separated into two took the bumpy road trail while others like us from Manila took a wonderful boat ride.

At home at last! Our first visit at the would be Balben Family Cove

the Ultimate Lake Experience

At 12 years old that year was my very first "bumpy" banca ride experience. I must admit, I was freaking scared back then. While look at my cutie sister Hannah, enjoying the grass and the view...and of course the whole clan's attention. She's now 15!

years ahead...early 2000

Today, the site is known as the "Balben Family Cove". It can now accomodate up to 60 guests. For those who wish to stay at our humble "home away from home" feel free to contact my dearest aunt Ms. Marilyn Suedad at +639165126256.

click here to see more of our hidden garden.


  1. Nice, nice, nice!

    I've been wanting to visit Lake Sebu. Wala pa lang talaga ako makasama. Matagal ko na gusto pasyalan yan, ever since I saw it in a postcard. I hope someday I can visit that place.

  2. Hi Nortehanon, I'm glad you like this post. Recently I've been seeing segments in many tv shows airing the province of Lake Sebu and what it has to offer. The local government is promoting it as part of the eco-tourism industry in Southern Mindanao.

  3. Nice photos especially the majestic beauty of the lake and grandiose mountains of Lake Sebu, so mesmerizing and immensely captivating & can compete anytime with any other wonders of the world. Also those gorgeous native flowers & fauna always a delightful sight to enjoy all year round and those beautiful indigenous people with their smile, who always inspire us that even with simple living and as long as we're in harmony with nature, no material wealth can replace this magnificent place called Lake Sebu, it's priceless as far as I'm concern. Please always take care of this wondrous place Lake Sebu and preserve this God's given gift to mankind....Cheers!


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