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Pasalubong from Iloilo

My dad came home from Iloilo last week. I am always excited everytime he comes home from Iloilo knowing that we will all be handed out with many of Iloilo's pasalubong.

I was first introduced to Iloilo's native delicacies way back high school years when my dad was still working in Iloilo. My favorite native dish? The traditional BATCHOY! Heaven! Sayang, my dad wasn't able to bring home batchoy but we're still very much happy munching these guys here...most of which were bought from the famous Biscocho Haus.

17th Travel Tour Expo 2010

Philippine Travel Agency Association
in cooperation with
Department of Tourism launches
With the theme “Ready, Jet-Set, Go!” , the event features two new segments – lifestyle (which will cover travel accessories, health and wellness products and services, culinary schools, car rentals and the like) and food sellers with lounge areas.

Watching the Golden Sunset from my Room

It was late in the afternoon yesterday and I was working on some notes from my bedroom situated at the 2nd floor of our house when a tangy color somewhere from the outside view caught my eye. I walked by the window and the next thing I discovered literally took my breath away.
This magnificent view of a Golden Sunset is a like a pot of gold uncovered right outside of my room. It was so peaceful yet very exciting to watch.The splash of colors that is so vibrant, the silhouette of the trees and neighborhoood area blended well together and the formation of clouds is like a lovely piece or art.