Plan your Holiday at the Travel Tour Expo 2010

I have been anticipating this 17th Travel Tour Expo 2010 for a few months now and today I was able to come to the exhibit. Initially, I just wanted to catch the latest travel buzz and open up myself to more travel destinations that are out there, both inside and outside of my country. A lot of travel sites are popping these days, very much a testament to an international tourism boom. One of my ultimate travel goal is to spend a year off, go for an around the world tour. I am yearning to discover Europe someday - immerse in the local culture and food, and see the grandness of place. Obviously, I still need to work on my budget, but I guess some cheap apartments in London and Cornwall cottages could do a lot of wonder that could add value to my stay. 

Interestingly, a few days back, I was stunned to have been presented with a plan of putting up a travel agency in my province in Mindanao come summer of this year. My uncle wants me "IN". I got excited thus the more reason for me to be at the exhibit.

The said expo opened at around 10am. I was prompt, paid the P50 admission fee and worked my way inside. I was all over the place, my eyes glistened as I watch cultural performers and admire the displays, it was like visiting a number of countries every minute with every step I make. As my feet's itching to pack my suitcase and to start longer holiday plans, I patiently waited for my cousin/business partner. Hey, it all starts with a FUND at hand!

A couple of major airlines were present offering loyal customers huge discounts on plane tickets. There were more foreign exhibitors compared to local booths - travel agencies, airline companies, cruise operators, domestic tour operators, government agencies, embassies, national tourism organizations, hotels and resorts, international tour operators, travel shops, making the tour more exciting for planning an out of the country travels.

This long line is caused by Philippine Airlines incredible air flights...a whopping 10-60% off!!!!

The very first booth that greeted me is of none other than the Philippine booth by the Department of Tourism with a huge underwater canvas on its side. This visually appealing image made me want to try scuba diving!

There were so many travel agencies but I was quite upset, there were very few who included travel packages in Mindanao area.

Photos taken during the Travel Tour Expo

Above photos are taken from booths of China, Hongkong, Japan, Thailand, Macau, France, Malaysia, India, Russia, South Africa and Kenya.

Hawaiian Dancers on the move
Hawaiian dancers graciously perform their native hawaiian dance. All smiles to the public viewers.

Our own Native Performers

Accessories from Cebu
Price range of Php1,000-Php10,000
(made from Mother of Pearl and cost about Php3,000)

Visitors are overwhelmed by the many packages offered by Travel Agencies.
Visitors are overwhelmed by the many packages offered by Travel Agencies.

My short "travel tour" ended with an experience of playing in a slot machine c/o PAGCOR and went out of the hall with a heavy paper bag loaded with brochures, magazines, books, leaflets and maps and some bits of helping info from 3 service booths (partnering with travel agencies). It was a fun and well tiring day full of travel exploration. I hope to turn all my travel dreams into reality. 

"We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open."
Jawaharal Nehru


  1. Wow! You'll be venturing out into the world of travel agencies! Congrats! At sa Mindanao pa! Alam mo bang marami akong dream destinations dyan? Ayaw kasi akong payagan ng Nanay ko explore more of Mindanao. Cautious siya masyado. But I really would love to do it. Balitaan mo ako kapag open na ang travel agency ninyo...baka may promo hahaha!

  2. My pleasure po to include you in my contact list. hehe...Our business plans are very much inclined with medical tourism, tsaka we are also promoting lake sebu. Hay sana talaga matapos na ang gulo in some provinces, panira talaga sa image...sayang naman kasi kung hindi man lang maishare ang mga natural beauties sa area ng Mindanao.


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