A Day Trip at the Manila Ocean Park

My Aunt who came to Manila for a work related seminar arrived recently. As my mom's bestfriend since teen years and as dad's sister, they both uberly missed each other and decided to take on some bonding trip. Tagaytay was the first option, but we ended up on a much better spot. One of My Top10 Must See Places for 2010, a day and night trip at The Manila Ocean Park! Wish granted, at last!

Mom and Auntie Nita at the entrance of Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is Philippine's first state-of-the-art Oceanarium, open water marine habitat, boutique mall, restaurant row and function facilities all located in one complex at the back of the Quirino Grandstand.

entrance of Agos
First in the map is AGOS. Begin your journey with a trek through a jungle! Marvel as you see water cascading from a simulated waterfall that also flows into 8 different water tanks, each containing an intriguing collection of freshwater fauna. This flow replicates the water cycle that begins on land and eventually leads to the open ocean, highlighting the interconnectedness between earth and sea. The rocky shoreline is represented by the Dalampasigan pool where one can physically interact with some of the animals on display.

stairs leading to Bahura
entrance of Bahura
Next is what they call Bahura or Coral Reef. The Philippines is known as the “center of the center of marine biodiversity”. Bahura contains 46 tanks that draw attention to the fascinating assortment of coral reef inhabitants. Be mesmerized by the multiple hues and diverse life forms that can be found in our country’s reefs.

one of the many colorful fish tanks

I was at awe to see the many never before seen sea creatures. Each of the tank has labels that describes the animals inside it. At the end of the day, you won't only get to see life underwater but you also bring home a tank of knowledge.

Next in the tour is Laot. Four large tanks display a collection of marine fish from the open sea that are often utilized as food. These impressive aquariums, as well as their outsized inhabitants, are definitely a sight to behold.

Here in Buhay na Karagatan or The Living Ocean, experience the life aquatic! Enjoy a breathtaking 25-meter walk along an underwater tunnel and experience how marine animals interact with each other in their natural habitat. This attraction, the centerpiece of the Oceanarium, provides an unmatched and truly remarkable encounter with the explosive richness of the underwater world.

Manila Ocean Park Underwater Tunnel
This famous underwater tunnel is the most convenient way to experience life from the deepest sea, a must for anyone looking for that perfect ocean fantasy.

The Deep or Ang Kalaliman’s resident fish are the jacks - well-known among anglers for the spectacular fights they put up when hooked on fishing line. Fishing is not allowed in Manila Ocean Park; however, it is perfectly okay to gaze at these sleek animals for long periods of time.
school of fish at The Kalaliman

Probably the most attractive among the school of sea creatures are the stingrays. In the area of Pagi, watch as stingrays from many different species glide from above as you stand beneath this unique overhanging tank. Distant relatives of sharks, stingrays often evoke a mix of emotions such as fear, awe, and fascination.

amazing view above
laziest sharks I've ever seen
Indeed it was a day packed with inspiring and surprising sights! Watch out for more upcoming posts on my Manila Ocean Park adventure.

Catch stingrays, sharks and more here
Spend a night with the Maiden of the Sea

Admission Rate: Adults (P400), Kids 4.5ft below (P350)
MANILA OCEAN PARK is located behind the Quirino Grandstand Luneta, Manila, Philippines
Tel: (632) 5677777 Fax: (632) 5672309


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