Iraq: Baghdad in 2003

Let me just share with you two of the pictures that brings strong memories to our family. The year was 2003, just months after the downfall of Saddam. It was the year that my dad flew to Baghdad, Iraq to work along with the US armies.
US armies very much visible along the roads
It has been 2 scary years for all of us. But he needed to be there and braved all of the fearful sights in the country. But dad also assured us of their company's strong support and safety procedures for its employees. However, there were times during overseas call, mom would hear explosive sounds at the other end of the line. We were all at the height of our faith! We needed that...
sunset at Baghdad International Airport
But there's also the other side of Iraq.

Upon dad's return, thankfully all safe and sound, I noticed that despite the war that's happening in Iraq, he still wanted to go back there. Yup! That is if the war is over. He would often boasts of the unique architectural structure seen in the city. Although I would not recommend travelling to Iraq at this time, hopefully in the near future, a peaceful Iraq can be at par with other tourist destinations.


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