Naia Terminal 2: Food Trip and Boarding Tips

Two years after my last visit at the NAIA Terminal 2, also known as Centennial Airport, I’m back for another trip, thrilled with much excitement taking off with my first ever solo flight.

Naia Terminal 2 | check in area for Domestic flights

I arrived at the airport 2 hours before my schedule departure time. Hungry for food, I scouted all stalls at the departure hall trying to choose stuffs to satisfy my crave.

They have like 8 food stores to choose from including Delifrance, Cinnabon, Red Ribbon and Mister Donut. I ended up buying a drink and a P65 4-piece special siomai at Chipstead which is located at the farthest right end of the boarding area. They also offer P145 shawarma, P75 – P85 variety of hotdogs and P65 special siopao. Beside Chipstead is Lola Babes. Here, you can eat a variety of all time favorite Pinoy rice meals such as tapsilog, porksilog, hotsilog and chicken adobo for P150. Airport’s cold beverages range from P50-P80 while hot beverages are priced between P65-P80. A selection of sandwiches is also available here while Food Enterprise sells burger. If you want some good tasting coffee with a touch of history, then check out Ya Kun Kaya Toast. They’re also famous for offering the best tasting arrozcaldo in town. As you can see, airport food is generally pricey hence it’s best to eat before taking the trip.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast
Lola Babes and Chipstead

AIRPORT DEPARTURE 101: Boarding Steps and Tips

Properties near Manila International Airport

For first time domestic plane passengers, here are the steps armed with some helpful tips to consider upon boarding a plane.

1. To avoid delays, double check your air itinerary details from your plane ticket like date, departure time and time of arrival, airport and the benefits of your ticket.

2. Arrive 2 hours from the indicated departure time.

3. At the entrance gate of the departure area, ready your ticket for inspection. Immediately after the entrance gates, you will be required to undergo a security check.

4. Proceed for the check in counter where your flight is assigned and present your valid id and ticket for inspection. They will now weight in your baggage. Do not include your hand carry. It’s best to weight tyour luggages beforehand to avoid excess baggage fee. Most domestic flights allow up to 15 kilos and 7 kilos for hand carry. You will be given a boarding pass afterward and your ticket and id will be returned.
NAIA Terminal 2 Check in Counters
5. Pay for the P200 terminal fee.

6. Show the inspector your terminal fee pass. All hand carried luggage and handbags must be submitted for final security check at the concourse area. A body search will also be conducted before finally being allowed into the boarding gates.

7. Check the boarding time and gate from your boarding pass. All you have to do now is wait until plane flight starts boarding.
Naia Terminal 2: Laptop Stations are available at the boarding area
8. Once final flight boarding is announced, airline personnel will conduct their own security check.

 Happy plane trip everyone!


  1. It is a wonderful terminal and food in resturant is so much delicious.

  2. I'll have my chance on passing through this terminal when I'll get to travel. haha!

  3. it is a very useful information especially to me since i am a first time flyer..


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