Sultan Kudarat: City of Tacurong lights up during Christmas

Remembering Christmas in Tacurong City
One of the best memories I had in Tacurong City would be the way its locals celebrate Christmas - warm yet festive, simple yet fancy, inexpensive yet grand.
Christmas lights in Tacurong City
During our 2 week long vacation, the city welcomed us with colorful christmas lights displayed throughout its main streets. It may not be as modern as that of Makati but its definitely more colorful and fun!
Tacurong City | Inugyunay 2008
Tacurong city can be considered as one of the lesser kown cities in the Philippines and is located in the province of Sultan Kudarat. It was in December of 2008 when I had my fair share of realization to the kind of holiday glitz one can experience in a 4th class city. I may have been a city girl, have been exposed to the many cheers and colours of cities during the holiday rush. But I tell you, my Christmas escapade here in Tacurong was definitely better compared to that at home!

Lola's house is just a street away from the municipal hall. My cousins and I has been anticipating the night of the 23rd for the 30 minute firework display. Right after dinner, we prepared ourselves and walk down the street. Groups of Philippine armies are very much visible before one could enter the main street. They're there for everyone's safety of course. Walking further, I couldn't believe how it could get this crowded!
crowds of people celebrating Christmas
Each year locals from Tacurong and other nearby provinces would flock the grounds of its municipal hall for a night of live performances, drinking, food tripping and many more. Watch the video below to see how crazy and fun it is to spend Christmas here :)
Municipal Hall
Aside from the live stage performances, I love the numerous food stalls ready to satisfy the many hungry stomachs. Hours after struggling with the crowd, we saw our other cousins and made our way to the top of the municipal hall. It's relatively easy to get that special treatment when you have some loved ones working in the government :)
view from the municipal hall
Then the fireworks...
Tacurong city fireworks display
My camera shouted "empty batt" a few minutes after the firework display started. It kinda pissed me off, fortunately I still have my phone to take on some video. It's fun celebrating Christmas in the province, right?


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