Landing at General Santos Airport

General Santos Airport has always been my entry point every time I get to visit my home province in South Cotabato.
a fun colorful welcome
 As the plane performs its final landing approach, I usually open up my window, get my camera and aim for some good aerial shots on the province's mountainous slopes.

Upon walking down the plane, passengers are welcomed by the airport's majestic mountainous backdrop, giving tourist some hints as to what they could expect from this southern part of the region - fresh air, tropical climate, sweet friendly people, colorful festivities and an endless list of eco-tourism destinations.

Philippine Airlines
I had a good smooth flight via Philippine Airlines.
arrival area of General SantosAirport
departure area of General Santos Airport
taxi stand
My arrival here at General Santos Airport marks the start of my summer 2010.


  1. Wow ang ganda naman ng province niyo! I have to go there soon! :)

  2. It really is beautiful there. Come visit the place and you'll be more than satisfied. :)

  3. is it safe to go there

  4. yes it's safe to go there, people are simple, friendly and warm. it's far from the places like Maguindanao we hear in the news. in fact during my last trip, i saw Manny Pacquiao again welcomed by his GenSan kababayans at the airport. It's relatively peaceful there with a lot of great nature sights to discover :)


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