Mountain Hiking at Lake Sebu

I had the chance to catch a quick look up on the forested mountains of Lake Sebu during our family’s Gift Giving Mission to the Tiboli Tribe. This summer of 2010, I came back along with new found friends as well as adventure seeking relatives for the much awaited hiking activity.
Giant tree of Lake Sebu

Suedad and Sorongon Family's Mountain Hiking Escapade

We took off right next where we last held a Christmas Gift Giving and Medical Mission up the hills at Palo Siete. With most of us as first time hikers, we have been told of what to expect and what to avoid.

The particular area we are about to explore is 450 hectares of dense virgin forest, situated 3,300 ft above sea level, a property of which my uncle bought the rights. Some few meters near the area, a banana plantation is a friendly welcome sight. Aside from Aunt Bing and Uncle Ben, we were also accompanied by some local T’bolis who charmed us with their native dialect. Some grabbed that chance to learn a word or two.
with our Tiboli guide (3rd from front)
Me with my bamboo stick and cousin Niko
Passing through tall jungle trees (parang amazon rainforest ang peg), the particular hike though wasn't as picture perfect as it seems. Had I not used a sturdy bamboo stick, which I treated as my bestfriend at that very challenging moment, the climb could have been more scary for me. There were numerous difficult paths uphill and downhill. Make one wrong move and you'll definitely hit rock bottom. I could hear screams from behind - funny outcries of agony and fear. I think that's what you'll get when you first experience the real deal, off beaten track. We proceeded unskillfully but we persevered (although some 'young-once' actually returned right after the first difficult part of the trek).

Because I was so focused not to lose my sense of balance, I wasn't able to take as many pictures as I could have wanted. Good thing my cousin Charlen was so used to the hike that she was able to take some really beautiful images, both on the familiar and the bizarre. She even took some pictures even during our most difficult climb.

Some of my fellow hikers had their fair share of slip and stumble. It became even more exciting when they experienced a face to face encounter with the famous and the feared 'alimatok', a worm like creature that sticks and goes inside one's skin and feeds on human blood. I have actually seen how an alimatok got into one of our companion's skin - getting in and then getting out. It was disturbing! Thank goodness I was spared from that creepy worm. Our guide told us not to worry as these worms will just find their way out of one's skin after sucking enough blood. I guess these alimatoks know I don't have much blood fit for their lunch, that I'm not a good meal for them afterall. Haha!
the feared alimatok
fearless hikers with their alimatok bite marks
It was like a never ending walk. Then after 2 hours of sweating cold, short breath, climbing up and sliding down the rough, slippery, grassy and rocky narrow mountain paths, we have finally reached our target destination, a 30 ft cascading waterfalls. It was a sight to behold!

Barrio Siete Waterfall
Seeing this amazing waterfall for the first time was like seeing a pot of gold at the end of a long tough journey. I was tired of course, like every one else, but we were just so excited to get near it that we didn't mind soaking our tired feet into the cold clear waters.

Here, we seem to have found and gained our energy from the air that we breathe and from the magical healing touch of its spring water. And for most of us who've always lived in the city, being there, enveloped by lush forest greens was like an enchanting sweet embrace from the natural world.

We stayed there for like 30 minutes and have been told that we should get back immediately fearing for another rainfall. It was raining heavily in Lake Sebu almost every day at that time.

Check out this self edited music video of our unforgettable Lake Sebu climb!
Our mountain hiking in Lake Sebu is definitely a one of a kind experience. A close commune with nature shared with people who also feels so much passion for the gift of lush wonders of Mother Earth.

We went back at Balben Family Cove with tired aching muscles, awfully looking shoes, dirty soiled clothes and many wonderfully shared laughs and stories. Some few minutes after, the majestic rainfall took its much awaited plunge. We went back just right on time!

For more pictures taken during our Lake Sebu Climb, check out "The Walking Tripod"


  1. Nice pics and waterfalls out there. Congrats to your first but not the last adventure :D

    More power to your travel site. Have a safe journey always!


  2. Thanks for visiting edge! This hike is definitely not my last, this has inspired me to take on more outdoor trips :)


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