Viewing the whole of Lake Sebu from afar

It's one thing being close to the lake, but it's also another thing seeing the complete picture of the lake from afar...

I have always been fascinated about how Lake Sebu looks from afar, and boy was I so lucky to have seen it. I was grateful and more than satisfied!
Lake Sebu view from the mountain top

Thanks to the Weaver family who welcomed us at their very beautiful mountaintop home at Pulang Lupa. The house boasts a wide open balcony which lets everyone feast their eyes on an inspiring top view of the lake.
Lake Sebu mountaintop home
When Ann Weaver showed us some pictures taken during their first few months there, I was left astounded at the beautiful photos including this one...

And who wouldn't be mesmerized to see a complete picture of the lake alongside 3 of Mindanao's majestic mountains, Mt. Parker of the municipality of Tiboli, Mt. Matutum in Polomolok and even Davao's Mt. Apo. It was truly a breathtaking view. (Mt. Apo not included in the above picture)

But before we could see this amazing lake view, we have to ride two "habalhabal" motorcycles. Lenlen and husband Ricky with daughter Monie fetched us at Balben Family Cove. On board, we feast our eyes with some of the most beautiful mountain views I have ever seen while riding on probably the most challenging road paths. It was like riding at Dubai's sand dunes set in a cooler and mountain lake version. It was an exciting, scary road trip adventure, way incomparable than my previous road trip experiences.
Mountain top Nipa Huts
Standing at thousands of ft. above sea level, the structure is definitely a welcome sight. At the entrance, we were greeted by 2 charming boat tubs. Yup, a bath tub made from natural woods designed to look like a banca. The house interior is as lovely as their exteriors. Natural woods laid to give that charming tropical feel.
boat tub

We left just few minutes after my photo and video shoot with 3 gracious T'boli women. We're off to visit Lang Dulay's house.
This is truly one of Lake Sebu's best location spot!


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