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T'nalak Festival Parade 2010 Photos and Video

I woke up early on July 18, 2010. My much awaited day since I will be seeing for the very first time the T'nalak Festival Parade. With much anticipation, I walked fast the T'nalak Agri Fair and hurriedly made my way to the main street of Koronadal. At 7 in the morning, the weather isn't that great, it was gloomy. Just as the music started, the rain is slowly making its move, anxiously waiting for the big drops.

Travel Video: Lake Sebu South Cotabato

Being a self confessed fan of my beloved Lake Sebu province, I tried to creatively produce this video for tourists and travelers alike who wanted to go to Lake Sebu but is unclear of what to expect from this southern part of the region. Well if pictures tell a thousand words, then the next videos can surely inspire you to pack your bags and plan your first or next Lake Sebu trip!

Lake Sebu's amazing fog scene

Ending my 2 month long vacation at South Cotabato, I decided to take my last few days and spend some few hours with my relatives in Lake Sebu. As we are nearing Balben Family Cove, we were amazed at a surprising welcome sight as thick mists of fog enveloped our road path some few meters from the family property. This is our first extreme fog experience here at Lake Sebu!

T'nalak Festival 2010

On the 44th Foundation Anniversary of South Cotabato, the province celebrates its much awaited festivity - the 11th T'nalak Festival 2010.

Dining at Nadie's Chicken

My dad would always bring home sticks of delicious chicken BBQs every time he arrives from General Santos City. Later, I found out the name of this delectable dish me and my family truly enjoy - Nadies Chicken House.

Inside Sarangani Highlands Garden and Restaurant

Some few minutes from General Santos Airport, travelers can check out one of this province's famed spots - Sarangani Highlands Garden and Restaurant.
There, we took an early lunch. The site boasts a panoramic view of the Sarangani Bay, beautifully carved bonsai plants and other vibrant ornamental.

A day with the T’boli Tribe

Braving the roughest and rockiest mountain path up the steep highways on the way to Pulang Lupa in Lake Sebu via the habal-habal, my fearless soul (or trying to be one, at least) definitely went up high!
I was ecstatic when my dear Aunt Malen invited me to come with her to visit her T’boli friend last summer. She then animatedly pointed out a particular mountain just in front of Balben Family Cove, candidly telling me, “Sa kabila ng bundok nyan tayo aakyat”. I just smiled, thinking she was practically joking around. Next thing I know, I was going through the most exhilarating road trip experience of my lifetime!

Resort Hopping at Lake Sebu

Armed with a Lake Sebu brochure, me and cousins Marianne and Charlen went resort hopping last June. From our start off point at Balben Family Cove, our first stop for the day is Lake Sebu's Tourism Lodge. Lemobung Lodge and Restaurant also known as Tourism Lodge is owned by the Local Government Unit. The site brings back old memories - flashback 1996, that was the first building we visited for a very short stop over. Anyway, we tried to get their brochure but were informed that their office is open only during Mondays to Thursdays, that day was a Friday. So off to our next stop, the Monte Cielo Resort.

Discover Lake Sebu's T'BOLI MUSEUM

With a very cheap entrance fee of P5 for adults and P2 for students and children, one could already explore about Lake Sebu's famous t'boli community here at their simple but charming Tiboli Museum.

Visit this T'boli Museum and see a collection of antiques and artifacts in a building patterned into a traditional t'boli house. Try playing their eye-catching kulintang or try on some of their native costumes. Here, you'll learn about T'boli Tribe's arts and culture by checking on their tinalak dresses, brass sculptures, colorful accessories, native musical instruments and a number of photos.

Watch the video below to see the interiors of this humble museum and learn more about the T'boli Tribe

This video is just a part of Lake Sebu Tourism Video. To see more of Lake Sebu, check this out.

Braving the Habal-habal

I first heard of habal-habal during my past visits to Lake Sebu but didn't had the chance to actually experience it. This summer of 2010, I made sure to not only experience it but most importantly enjoy it. Habal-habal or in Lake Sebu's local term 'skylab' is the province's primary mode of public transportation. A  modified motorcycle that could sit of up to 5 medium built passengers.