Braving the Habal-habal

I first heard of habal-habal during my past visits to Lake Sebu but didn't had the chance to actually experience it. This summer of 2010, I made sure to not only experience it but most importantly enjoy it.
the third motorcycle from right could sit up to 5 passengers
Habal-habal or in Lake Sebu's local term 'skylab' is the province's primary mode of public transportation. A  modified motorcycle that could sit of up to 5 medium built passengers.

My First Ride

Together with my cousin, we left Koronadal one late afternoon to spend our  summer weeks at Lake Sebu. It was quite dark already when we arrived at the city proper. Anxious as to how will my first habal-habal ride would be, I was actually amazed how the driver carefully puts our medium sized carton box in front of him while my cousin and I carries our luggage side to side. I must confess I got scared as he started the engine. It's been so many years since my last motorcycle ride and I was all the more scared because I know how rocky the road once it approaches our site.

While we were still in Koronadal's Yellow Bus Terminal, my aunts who were staying in Balben Family Cove would once in a while update us on the weather there and it's seriously raining heavily at that time. Now riding the habal-habal on the way to Balben Family Cove with no heavy rain and just the cold mist of mountain air blowing unto our face is but a magical experience. It was a great ride after all and a welcome surprise.

A Bumpy Ride
Within my few weeks of stay at Lake Sebu, I was able to ride a couple of motorcycles many times but  the road trip to Pulang Lupa tops my most unforgettable habal-habal experience.

watch video below:


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