Dining at Nadie's Chicken

My dad would always bring home sticks of delicious chicken BBQs every time he arrives from General Santos City. Later, I found out the name of this delectable dish me and my family truly enjoy - Nadies Chicken House.
Nadies famous Chicken BBQ

Nadies Chicken House started as a small restaurant in Tupi, South Cotabato. Later, it branched out to nearby areas in Mindanao. It now aims to become available nationwide thus it started to enter into franchising.

Nadies Chicken House in Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat
At last, my uncle decided to stop over at another Nadies branch in Sultan Kudarat. After a long day of hospital work,  having a grilled chicken meal would sure be a relief. Nadies Chicken House offers Chicken Barbeque (Legs/Breast), isol, atay, batikulon, puso/heart, chopseuy, grilled panga, kinilaw na isda, tinolang manok, nilagang baka, seaweeds guso, tuna belly and tuna kebabs.

Nadies Chicken House
Santiago Blvd., Dadiangas East
Gen. Santos City
Telefax: (083) 302.5021; 304.4207
Mobile: 0917 302.2999


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