Discover Lake Sebu's T'BOLI MUSEUM

With a very cheap entrance fee of P5 for adults and P2 for students and children, one could already explore about Lake Sebu's famous t'boli community here at their simple but charming Tiboli Museum.

Visit this T'boli Museum and see a collection of antiques and artifacts in a building patterned into a traditional t'boli house. Try playing their eye-catching kulintang or try on some of their native costumes. Here, you'll learn about T'boli Tribe's arts and culture by checking on their tinalak dresses, brass sculptures, colorful accessories, native musical instruments and a number of photos.

Watch the video below to see the interiors of this humble museum and learn more about the T'boli Tribe

This video is just a part of Lake Sebu Tourism Video. To see more of Lake Sebu, check this out.


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