Lake Sebu's amazing fog scene

Ending my 2 month long vacation at South Cotabato, I decided to take my last few days and spend some few hours with my relatives in Lake Sebu. As we are nearing Balben Family Cove, we were amazed at a surprising welcome sight as thick mists of fog enveloped our road path some few meters from the family property. This is our first extreme fog experience here at Lake Sebu!

When we arrived at the site, Aunt Malen excitedly told me how the fog mystically clashes right in front of the property just a few minutes before we arrived. I was hopeful to be able capture this amazing sight with my camera so I eagerly waited for another of what they have been raving about, the stunning "fog exhibition". As we feast our eyes on this unbelievable happening, the mystic fog slowly hides the entire lake and just the strong gust of mist can be felt.

During lunch, my uncle Ben jokingly tells us to quickly eat our food , "Bilisan nating kumain, mamya di na natin makita ang kinakain natin!". It was a sight to behold. The first shared family experience with the thickest fog ever seen here at Lake Sebu as my uncles and aunts reveals.

A few minutes after, the amazing fog exhibition resumed its presence. I quickly set up my camera and tripod, placed it facing the view in front of Balben Family Cove and had the video set on time lapse. Watch this video and see what happens!
This cold mist of fog display bid farewell that same afternoon, I was lucky because I still had the time to shoot more clips at the lake. My uncle Nonoy graciously maneuvered the newly bought banca and drove me at the middle of the lake.

This whole mystical feel was like a blessing for me. I have asked and prayed to get the best shots for my "Lake Sebu Tourism Video", and mother nature had surely provided me with more than what I have asked. Being there at that time feels like a glimpse of heaven, surrounded with nature, cool air and the white mystical mist. I have once again felt the Lake Sebu magic!


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