Amazing pictures of Lake Sebu

Every nature lover would surely love to visit Lake Sebu again and again. I have visited the place since 1996 and it never fails to surprise me every time I go back, the place has always something new to offer - new activity, newly discovered spot or the many developments of the province.

So let me share with you some of my favorite photos captured using my Canon IXUS 80IS.
view as seen from Balben Family Cove
check out Balben's Family Cove's official website here

vibrant nature bloom
See more of Lake Sebu's amazing flora and fauna here
lake view as seen from Bakdulong area

a t'boli lady's silhouette inside the t'boli house while looking outside
road in Lake Sebu
Fluvial Parade

fog at Lake Sebu
read the story behind the amazing fog exhibition here
Falls 1 of the Seven Falls
Falls 2 of the Seven Falls
check out more photos including video clips of Seven Falls here
the lake as seen from one the highest mountaintop home
More of this amazing view of the lake from afar as seen in Pulang Lupa.
the sky, the lake and the greens
one of the many falls seen in Lake Sebu
read our unforgettable mountain hiking here...
huge giant trees as seen in one of Lake Sebu's forest
Lang Dulay, a National Living Treasure Awardee
Lake Sebu Church
lake house
lake house constructed in an island like setting
Can't get enough of Lake Sebu? Watch the 2 part series of Lake Sebu Tourism Video 


  1. I'm interested to go here. is it safe? you know what I mean right?

  2. Yup, it's safe. Malayo sa gulo at tahimik. :)

  3. we'll go there next week but don'y have any idea where we can stay overnight..can you help me? thank you.

  4. Hi! This post might be of some help as to what resorts are available in the area

    You can also check out this post from Lake Sebu Philippines website


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