Apareja Buko Halo-Halo

With El Nino getting on our nerves last summer, it is good to know there's that ideal place to satisfy our thirst located at the heart of South Cotabato - introducing Apareja Buko Halo Halo, Koronadal's tasteful defense to beat the summer heat!
Apareja Buko Halo Halo
After hanging out at Lake Sebu, my uncle treated us for a heavenly merienda treat before going home. Apareja serves the freshest buko halo halo harvested from the owner's buko plantation. Honestly, I'm not a buko lover, but what was served right in front of me is just irresistable!
Halo Halo in Buko serving
Their buko halo halo is priced at P55. The place is frequented both by the locals and tourists who enjoy consuming this cool, fresh and hearty serving, truly a must-try for every food lovers out there.

On the side note, "halo-halo" is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixture with a shaved ice cream and milk,  topped with a variety of local fruits such as avocado, banana, langka and other ingredients like beans, sweet potato, kaong, gelatin  and added with favorite sweets like ice cream, ube and leche flan.

So next time you hop on this side of the Philippines, make sure to try this one great local delicacy!

Apareja Buko Halo Halo is located at Brgy. Saravia, Barrio 8, Koronadal City.


  1. That looks really yummy. That is a very nice serving presentation of Halo-halo. It's good there's no need to wash anything after eating, too.

  2. @ chin chin: I agree, plus it's eco friendly too! :)

  3. hahaha parang sa kapitbahay lang namin toh haha, nakapasyal ka na pala sa aming bario. masarap yung halo-halo, 65 peson na yan ngaun haha.

  4. Im planning to have a business, serving buko halo halo!


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