Lake Sebu's Zipline Adventure

Undoubtedly one of Lake Sebu's main attractions is its zipline ride. I have always anticipated the day I will experience how it feels to fly above Lake Sebu's scenic Seven Falls. I'm getting more excited as the big day comes closer. I have been building the courage to brave the zipline ever since my aunts told me about it. Also, I will need some shots for my Lake Sebu Tourism Video project. Unfortunately, at that very day, I opted to delay my longing to try this adventure as my health at that time is not on its perfect condition. So I satisfied myself on cheering for my other companions and made sure to just capture the best shots possible.

We dropped by the T'boli museum for a short visit before checking out the Seven Falls. The zipline ride is located at Brgy. Lake Seloton where the thrill begins at Falls 1 and it's about 850 meters long and is considered as the longest, highest and most affordable zipline ride in the Philippines, not to mention that it probably is the most scenic!

It was my first time to visit the Seven Falls as well as the zipline. A group of excited teens were already lined up that Monday morning. The line as manong guide would say was nothing compared during a beautiful weekend where families, corporate workers and barkadas would flock to Seven Falls to hop on the zipline ride.

Watch the video below to see how the gadgets and cables are attached and ask yourself if you're ready to fly aboard!
The zipline costs P250 and is open from 8:30am to 11:30am and resumes at 1:30pm to 4:30pm. It's good to note that there's no zipline operation during thunderstorms, rain and unfavorable weather conditions. The ride follows the first come, first serve basis.

And because I wasn't able to ride on it, let me just share with you a video captured by Ivan Henares - zipliner's POV.

view from below of Falls 2
Be sure to check out the Seven Falls zipline on your next Lake Sebu visit.


  1. Hi Saggi. It looks like you are all over the Philippines. ;)

    I would be looking to your POV-video once you finally get to try the exhilarating 7 Falls zips soon.

  2. @baktin

    thanks. Can't wait to fly and scare myself! haha!


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