Fly High: From Manila to Mindanao

My mom told me that my first ever plane flight was when I was just 6 months old. That was the time my parents decided to leave the province and settle in Manila. Since then, flying in a plane from Manila to General Santos or Davao has always been an interesting experience. I remember myself being the curious little girl, gently seated in this huge chair sitting for an hour and 45 minutes before touchdown with the seat belt as my toy.  And how could I forget that infamous sweet candy ball given by a lovely stewardess that unfortunately to be blamed for breaking my little innocent tooth! That jawbreaker!!!  I therefore realized as I grew, plane flights can have their own scary moments.
hues of blues: Philippine skies
When you are flying 30000 ft above the ground, inevitably the ride can sometimes get a bit bumpy, especially when the weather isn't that cooperative and turbulence follows. I once had a plane trip scheduled during monsoon season, and had to bear a nasty flight from General Santos to Manila via Cebu Pacific. God knows how hard I held on to my seat, desperately wishing I could just fall into deep slumber. Interestingly since then, I became a much braver passenger! 
leaving Manila
I had my first ever solo trip last summer. Thank God my flight from Manila to GenSan via Philippine Airlines went smooth. Wanting to kill the boredom, I readied my camera and took photos that interest me. 

plane ride via Philippine Airlines

Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands. Seeing these beautiful islands from your plane seat is a fantastic way to appreciate their beauty.
Philippine islands
Philippine Islands
one of Philippine's 7,107 islands
beautiful island carving
Mindanao's mountain plateaus
the hiding sunset
I enjoyed my time up in the air, admiring my country's vast landscapes, seascapes and the vivid blue skies from north to south until plane's touchdown at General Santos Airport. Hopefully in the coming years, I get to charter a jet for my next trip, just my wishful thinking.    


  1. Ganda naman ng mga pics :)
    Yes, it is fun to shoot while you're up there. Ang lalo kong nai-enjoy kunan ng picture ay ang iba-ibang cloud formation. Here is one of those photos:

  2. Also, it's fun to fly din alone haha! Madalas mag-isa lang ako pag nagbyahe :)

  3. Kakaiba nga po ang feeling pag nag solo trip. The feeling of independence as well as the "adventure". I'm looking forward for more solo trips :) Happy trip sau Ms. N!

  4. Nice pics! :) Whenever I'm riding an airplane, I always prefer the window seat para makita ko ang great view.

    I've never tried a solo trip before. I hope I can try it one time. :)

  5. Also, I hope you would not mind if I added your link to my blog. Take care and looking forward to read more travel stories from you. :)

  6. Thanks Karla. Pareho tayo, I'm always seated sa side ng window and just admire the view - the clouds, the islands and Philippine mountains. Cheers for your future solo trips! :)

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