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Staying for a night inside Bahay na Pula

As part of my Halloween post, I would like to track back in time and share my overnight stay inside Bahay na Pula. Yup, that's the famous haunted house in San Idelfonso, Bulacan.
It was around 7am when our production team arrived in Bahay na Pula, we needed to shoot a lot of scenes here for one of our episodes. Seeing our taping guide, I bet we will be working here until past midnight.

Are you afraid of the Dark?

"Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story..."
Do you guys remember that horror series way back when we were just teens? I was such a fan of that show during my grade school years! Members of that "Midnight Society" would camp their way to the woods and a member would tell a scary story and begins by saying, "Submitted for the approval of the midnight society, "I call this story the Tale of ..." - that statement gave fame to the much watched TV series, Are You Afraid Of the Dark?

In just a few days, we will be remembering our departed loved ones. As Filipinos, we also love to scare ourselves by watching horror flicks most especially during Halloween. Now why not revive the "Are you afraid of the dark" moment? It's really easy. Gather your friends or family members and set  up a campfire within your garden space and start sharing your most interesting scary story! It's cheap, nostalgic and spooky! And oh, if…

Watch the Musical Fountain Show for only Php50!

Fresh from the success of the Maiden of the Sea, Manila Ocean Park now introduces this new Musical Fountain Show - Once Upon an Ocean! Best part is, you can see this spectacular water fountain exhibition for just Php50 if you register online (check out their website
Watch the video of Maiden of the Sea and get a feel of what this musical fountain show is all about. This October, Manila Ocean Park announced that entrance to Manila Ocean Park is FREE! And fees only apply when you enter their attractions. Don't have any idea what's inside MOP? Then check this video I made during our Manila Ocean Park Day Tour :)

Kalesa: Tatak Manila

I have always been fascinated by the charm a kalesa has, its rustic country charm appeal makes this one unique Philippine tourism symbol. This horse driven carriage was introduced in 18th century and since then became one of the modes of transportation. Imagine it being used for personal travel by rich Filipinos or Ilustrados.