Kalesa: Tatak Manila

I have always been fascinated by the charm a kalesa has, its rustic country charm appeal makes this one unique Philippine tourism symbol. This horse driven carriage was introduced in 18th century and since then became one of the modes of transportation. Imagine it being used for personal travel by rich Filipinos or Ilustrados.

Now, I rarely see one. With the advent of technology and the need for speed in our day to day activities, cars and buses are much the practical choice.

It has been a while since I last saw a group of kalesa. My eyes were so thrilled to see some 10 kalesas all lined up beside SM Manila waiting for passengers. I rarely get to visit Manila, it's just too crowded...

Today, kalesas are often used for tourism purposes and can best experienced in the provinces of Vigan, Laoag and Iligan, and can also be found in Intramuros and Binondo.


  1. love the kalesa too! i actually wanted it to be our bridal car, but then i was given a quote of P10,000 for rental! nice photo you got there by the way :)

    1. where did you rent? can i have the contact detail?

  2. Wow, P10,000 for rental?!! Ang mahal pala, pero maganda nga yung idea mo :)

  3. hi saggi, nice post & good blog, i really like your site & bookmarked it. hope u submit your site for free in my directory. BTW have a nice day & keep blogging!!!


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