Kalesa Tour: Morning Stroll at the Heritage Village

From Simbaan a Bassit, we started walking our way to Heritage Village...

On our way, we passed by Crisologo Museum and stopped for a while to get some photos. We weren't able to tour the inside of the museum because we're really running out of time. 

Calle Crisologo is Vigan's most picturesque street. A walk down the cobblestone streets and rows of ancestral houses in thick brick walls standing side by side to each other made me feel like I'm frozen in time. It definitely brought back the mood of the historic Spanish times - the grandeur of the past. There were a number of shops seen along the street selling souvenir pieces, antiques,  furnitures, food parlors and I even saw an Island Souvenir shop. You an also visit the Administration office to grab some brochures.

Calle Crisologo 
I've always wanted to taste the authentic Empanada of Vigan as well as Bagnet, but my cousin said, empanadas are sold in the afternoon. We didn't get to see a store selling one.

Vigan offers a wealth of historical and cultural wonders best experience on foot and through a calesa ride. And so after the stroll, we decided to ride a calesa driven by Kuya Arnel. He said he's been a cochero for the past 15 years. Calesa ride is priced at Php150 per hour.  My 5 year old nephew Cocoy who's always been fascinated with all sorts of cars and trucks fondly calls the calesa #157 the Ferrari! And so we drove the Ferrari til we get to our first stop, the Baluarte.


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