Morning Swim at Saud Beach,Pagudpud

Since we didn't had the chance to swim after we arrived in Pagudpud, we decided to wake up early for the morning swim as we planned to leave the homestay at 9am sharp. I woke up at around 5am, however it's still really dark outside. So I patiently waited and checked back again by 5:30am, still no light. But we started to ready ourselves and went to the beach at exactly 6am. We could still clearly see the quarter moon and the morning sun hiding from below the mountains. Excited to swim, we dropped our stuff at a nearby beachrock. From Saud Beach, one could see the famous Bangui Windmills surrounded by the morning mist from a distance. The view is breathtaking!

Since we went there on the last day of February, which is generally off peak season, we have the whole beach for ourselves! Our morning swim made us see from a short distance local fishermen working on their caught fishes.

Sadly, we only swum in less than two hours, which is obviously too short of a time for us to lazily lounge on the beach and have more fun in the sun. *sigh* It felt so hard to pull myself from the beautiful view. But that's okay, we'll surely get back and make up for the lost leisure time!

Bus Pagudpod - Laoag route

Sinking Bell Tower

We left Pagudpud at around 10 in the morning and arrived in Laoag just in time for a quick lunch. Before getting a tricycle to get us to Laoag Airport, we stopped by the famous Sinking Bell Tower, walking distance from Jollibee. The tower is sinking about an inch into the ground every year with half of its front door buried deep into the ground. After we got the shots we needed, we cramped ourselves into a typical small local tricycle and drive down about 15-20 minutes to Laoag International Airport.

More pictures at The Walking Tripod 


  1. I might go here on my own if I can't find people to join me.


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