An Afternoon Tour in Putrjaya, Malaysia

Seri Wawasan Cable Suspension Bridge
By the time I set foot in Malaysia, I immediately noticed the country's impressive architectural structures and very efficient urban planning. It's like each building is worthy of a snapshot, from mosques to bridges to skyscrapers. Backed up with a very clean surrounding, the road trip from the LCCT airport to Putrajaya itself is nothing but a breath of fresh air, far way different from the traffic and noise pollution I get every time I'm in Manila.

a clean no traffic Malaysia
It feels extremely good when you're welcomed with beautiful scenery. A positive way to start my first out of country trip. Malaysia, particularly Putrajaya which is the country's administrative capital, has wide open roads, lesser billboards, practices right hand driving, and somehow, as a passenger tourist on-board, felt super safe inside the bus, no swirling, no breaking of traffic lights, just plain simple safe driving. Most public transport drivers I saw were Indians, very disciplined drivers I must say. I hope one day our bus drivers in Manila especially those driving along Edsa could learn something from them.      

After four hours of plane travel, our tour bus stopped at what seems to be a local food court that stands near a gas station for our uber late lunch. We were given free lunch but also thought of buying something from one of the food stalls so we ordered a bowl of Prawn Noodle Pinang Special for RM 4.50. 

Prawn Noodle Pinang Special

First tourist attraction we saw was the Seri Wawasan Suspension Bridge which is by far the most beautiful modern bridge I saw. The said bridge can be seen from Masjid Putra and Perdana Putra, hugely popular to travelers as well. 

Perdana Putra (Office of the Prime Minister)
Masjid Putra

An afternoon tour in Putrajaya is a great way to introduce Malaysia to a first time visitor like me. I can't help but admire how clean the city landscape is as we drive along from one road to another. It made me remember home and the possibility that one day, Manila could be as progressive as Malaysia.


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