Malaysia - Genting Highlands Overnight Stay and the Cable Car Experience

Genting Skyway

Nestled 6000 ft above sea level is Genting Highlands also known as Resorts World Genting. It's basically a theme park on top of a mountain and currently has 6 hotels where visitors could choose where to spend the night - Maxims Genting, Highlands Hotel, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel, First World Hotel, Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort. They're all accessible via zigzag road and Genting Skyway. We were all thrilled when we found out we're going to ride the gondola that spans 3.38km, making it the longest cable car system in South East Asia and one of the world's fastest.

Foggy view above

Check out our video onboard a gondola at Genting Skyway from Gohtong Jaya Station to Genting Highlands Resort. Warning though - watch out for my cousin's screams!

The Genting Skyway experience was very much memorable as that was my first ever cable car ride abroad. The view especially when the fog began to envelope the rainforest trees and the gondolas turned screams into silence. It felt like time has stopped and for a few seconds that all we could hear was the sound of wind and the cables, it was both scary and magical.

For those who are going to ride the cable car, someone from the lower station will take a picture of your group inside the gondola and you may get those souvenir pictures at drop off area at Genting Highlands Resort for a fee. When all of the Gano iTouch group arrived, we proceeded to the bus station to pick up our luggage and headed to check in area. While the staff attends to the check in process, a fellow traveler suffered a mild asthma attack. Good thing my uncle's a doctor so there was an immediate help extended. It feels good to travel with a doctor, especially abroad. You won't stress yourself with so much what if's and how to's, but of course it still pays to have medical or first aid kits at hand.

Resorts World Genting scale model

The place was huge that it's so easy to get lost. My cousin and I checked in at Tower 2 of First World Hotel and stayed in a connecting room with both my aunt and uncle at the opposite room. Of all 4 hotels we stayed in while we were in Malaysia, First World Hotel was the biggest. Click here to view what our hotel rooms look like.

at the facade of Genting International Convention Center
We had our dinner at The Eatery. Not really knowing what to expect, we all started ordering those that looks appealing based on the menu. Most of the dishes turned out to be too spicy for our Filipino taste buds especially my Nasi Lemak order. But it's definitely fun biting into the unfamiliar. Near the said restaurant is another attractive store, the Famous Amos. Each bought another Beryl's chocolate (bought 5 Camior bars for RM15) and their enticing cookies.  Uncle Ben and Aunt Ruby were already feeling tired and went up to sleep. While Maika, Ate Ne, Tita Bevs and I started checking out other interesting areas of the resort. We went outside the lobby just to feel the fog once again, and went back inside with chills and wet hairs.

Venice Gondola

Statue of Liberty beside Optimus Prime
Our night trip at the First World Indoor Theme Park which was conveniently located at the lower ground section of our hotel room was more of sight seeing than experiencing the rides. Most notable were the Statue of Liberty, Oscars trophy, Eiffel Tower and Petronas Twin Towers. We were not able to get inside the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum nor experience the Haunted Adventure, but we could hear screams coming from the Haunted booth though. There were too many attractions we failed to see and experience because we're just too physically exhausted and we badly needed some good night rest as we still have 3 more days in Malaysia. I even wanted to try my luck at the Casino de Genting, kahit slot machine lang as I haven't been inside a casino before - never! Too bad we didn't have the proper outfit. Bummer!

Click here to view more Genting photos

We woke up with a foggy morning. We were told to go to the First World Cafe for our free International Buffet Breakfast. A long line greeted us, but it was fast and orderly, there was not much waiting time. We just needed to show the personnel our room cards so that we can enter their spacious buffet eatery that sits 2,400 pax. What caught my interest was the Guinness Certificate displayed at the entrance given to First World Hotel for having the world's largest hotel. Astig, title holder pala hotel namin! Inside, they have a vegetarian corner for vegans to enjoy! Siyempre, hindi kami dun :)
uncle Ben and ate Ne while having breakfast at First World Cafe

After that generous buffet breakfast, we started to fix our things up so we can easily grab them upon check out. We headed to the Outdoor Theme Park at the entrance near First World Hotel and Plaza but we got a bit upset when we couldn't get in. Tita Bevs told us that a few years ago, they could tour around freely with no entrance fee needed. But now we have to pay RM50 just to see what goes on inside. We didn't bother paying for the tickets as we only have about 2 hours left before check out.

Genting Bus Station
It was hard to bid farewell to this fun cold place, especially when there's so much more left to be seen. But I was of course already grateful to have seen and experience Genting Highlands for free. I hope to bring my family for a holiday trip here next time and would definitely hop on-board the Genting Skyway again.

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