Malaysia: Incentive Trip Day 1

Bad news - I have to cancel my 3-day Boracay trip.
Good news - I'll travel to Malaysia for 5 days for FREE!

Before the bad news...

I was able to book 4 Piso Fare plane tickets to Boracay for mom, me and 2 of my siblings about 6 months prior to the scheduled flight. Cebu Pacific's loyal customers know exactly how Piso Fare works, book in advance to get the best deal. I was thrilled as not only it was my first ever Piso Fare booking, but it will also be my first ever Boracay escapade. Since this is a D-I-Y planned trip, I started researching, read blogs and scoured over travel magazines to help me fill out our itinerary. Fast forward, two months before the much awaited Boracay trip, my aunt presented me with an opportunity of a lifetime - the chance to travel to Malaysia for free. And so I worked harder, negotiated harder and prayed harder until I finally got one of the slots.

Decisions, decisions...

I knew the Malaysia trip will happen on November, the month of our Boracay trip. I kept praying it wouldn't fall anywhere between 14-17. I badly wanted to experience Boracay with my family, especially with mom who at age 54 has yet to see the world-class beach. But alas, the schedule for the Malaysia trip will hit my Boracay family trip. Too bad, now I have to choose...

Why Malaysia?

Simple lang, mag-eexpire na ang passport ko, wala pa ring tatak! Yup, I haven't traveled anywhere outside Philippines. Anyway, Boracay is just a mere 45 minute plane ride and another Piso Fare away. Besides, I still wasn't able to book a place to stay so there wasn't that much money wasted, that's why mom and I decided to just cancel the Boracay trip. And honestly, the thought of traveling for free is way too irresistible. Plus knowing Gano iTouch, I'm pretty sure my first out of country experience will be unforgettable.

November 12, 2011. The Big Day

I arrived at the NAIA Terminal 3 exactly 7am for our 10:10am flight to Kuala Lumpur. I came along with my uncle Ben, aunt Ruby, their only daughter Maika and family friend ate Ne who all flew from Koronadal a day before the big trip. I found out we'll be traveling along with over 100 Gano iTouch distributors, leaders and stockists. I saw some familiar faces and it feels great to travel with fellow business minded people. The welcoming staff handed us our plane tickets, itinerary and Php200 for breakfast. Wow, freebies starts right here!

The whole Cebu Pacific plane was almost occupied by Gano iTouch family. It was 4 gruelling hours up in the air, the longest flight I've ever been. Oh, I hate killing time inside the plane...

us at LCCT Airport
Malaysia - Day 1

After landing at LCCT, four big tourist buses came to fetch all 130 excited Filipinos and started the afternoon trip to Putrajaya.

We also made a quick stop at the gate of the Royal Palace where we took photos of the Royal Guards (reminds me of Buckingham). Afterwards, we headed straight to Merdeka Square then took our first dinner in Malaysia at the famous and historical Sek Yuen Restoran.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building
Sek Yuen's Pei Pa Duck
Click here to see more of Sek Yuen's dishes

After consuming authentic Cantonese cuisine, we checked in to our first hotel - the Alpha Genesis. It was nearly past 10pm when we got out of the hotel and most groups preferred to take some much needed rest. As for 6 of us (including Tita Bevs), we strolled the streets of KL as we've all been yearning to see the most famous tourist spot in Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Towers at night. 

Kuala Lumpur at night
As per the above photo, life is great indeed. I can't help but thanked God as I walked along the streets of Kuala Lumpur. My dream to finally set foot on a foreign soil has come true, and much more!

approaching the tower

Getting there was like an Amazing-Race experience, akala naming lahat may cut off ang ilaw ng Petronas sa gabi kaya lakad-takbo kami! Sus, mall pala yung sinasabing magsasara. Toinks! Hulas tuloy pagdating. But hey, bottom line is we got to see the Petronas up close!

Petronas Twin Towers

Indeed, it's Asia's most sparkling megastructure.  We walked our way back to our hotel located along Bukit Bintang. It was a lively Saturday night along the streets of Kuala Lumpur with locals and tourists out food tripping, shopping and partying. I ended the night admiring the Menara KL Tower seen right in front of our hotel room, such a lovely evening for my first night in Malaysia!   

Click here to view more photos of Kuala Lumpur

Menara KL Tower as seen from Alpha Genesis Hotel


  1. Not that I don't love our country, I would trade off Boracay for Malaysia, too!

  2. Ok naman ang naging trade off di ba? I got my first trip abroad for free :) We'll visit Boracay some other time. Thanks for visiting Ding.


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