Malaysia: Incentive Trip Day 5

Malaysia Trip Day 5

This special incentive trip given to us by Gano iTouch Philippines thru their 3rd Quarter Travel Blitz Promo wouldn't be complete without a familiarization tour of the plantation and headquarters of where the world's biggest organic ganoderma plantion can be found. After all, it's just fitting to visit the company that has given us the opportunity to earn and share with family and friends the therapeutic benefits the red ganoderma mushroom can provide. Geez, I can't even tell how many coffee sessions I've shared with fellow coffee drinkers. From our Day 4 trip from Penang, our group traveled a couple more hours to Leverage Business Hotel in Alor Setar where we stayed overnight. I've been anticipating our last day in Malaysia and I'm pretty excited to learn more about Gano Excel's mushroom's cultivation process, research and development to actual production.

November 16, 2011. Day 5

outside Leverage Business Hotel
We took our breakfast at the Viet Cafe Restaurant at the ground floor of the hotel and walked towards a nearby 7/11 store. We left the hotel early and has re-packed our luggage, trying to fit all the pasalubongs we bought so it would be faster to pick our things when we come back.  We're scheduled to visit the plantation and headquarters along with Thai delegates. They were wearing pink, while we wore brown company shirts.

Gano Excel's plantation is located at Alor Setar, Kedah Malaysia. It was Dr. Leow himself who took us to a tour of the whole plantation. He was also proud to announce the addition of 10 more hectares where 70 new farmhouses will be built.

To give you a brief background, Dr. Leow Soon Seng is a Malaysian scientist who began investigative studies on the various species of mushroom and discovered that the climate (82°F-89°F or 28°C-32°C) and humidity in Malaysia are very conducive for Ganoderma cultivation. After many tests and experiments with the more than 200 species of mushroom, he discovered that Ganoderma Lucidum - the Red Mushroom - has the highest therapeutic value, compared to other types of mushrooms. Only six types of Ganoderma Lucidum have the greatest therapeutic value. Subsequently, these six species are used to produce Gano Excel's Ganoderma.

Dr. Leow Soon Seng explaining the process happening at the Polybag Preparation Area
Mr. Leow has combined the tissue culture concept together with 100% organic elements in order to cultivate the Ganoderma. Paddy husks, brown rice flour and rubber tree scrapes are used as the medium of plantation. No chemicals, pesticides or hormones are used in the cultivation. Exposure to the sun is also controlled in order to produce the highest quality of mushroom. Ganoderma takes approximately 3 months to mature; and the cultivation process is closely supervised, thus ensuring the maximum therapeutic value possible.

ganoderma mushrooms
Right after the plantation tour, we all headed to the Gano Excel Headquarters which was a few minutes drive from the plantation. Taking photographs inside the facilities wasn't allowed but I'm already happy to see the  research and development process that goes behind the production of the nutraceuticals and beverages, especially the coffee, Gano Excel's signature product. 

Making our way inside sort of reminded me of my highschool field trips but here the "students" were more attentive. Why not, it's our business after all! The lobby area showcases huge wall displays that exhibit the ancient Chinese origin of ganoderma and how it was then used by emperors, scientific discoveries, cultural influences, pharmacological value and more. 

Gano iTouch Philippine delegates listening intentively

We took our lunch at an open tent they set up for us and I found myself sharing table with delegates from Thailand. They couldn't understand and speak English so we all just gave each other warm smiles while enjoying our meal. We all went back inside the building, tried on the newest product - the hazelnut coffee which I really love and stayed at the conference room where they presented another newly launched product, the BellaGene. Delegates from Thailand, Gano Excel's biggest earners, also gave powerful testimonials of how ganoderma products helped them cope up with their then dreaded condition. 

Dr. Leow once again gave a compelling talk and at the end demonstrated how effective ganoderma properties  really are. Let me share with you the video taken by a delegate from Thailand.

We went back to our hotel and took a super quick dinner, left Alor Setar airport, my first time flying with Air Asia and arrived in KL at about past 12mn and headed straight to Manila via Cebu Pacific. To end this post, let me share another video I made specifically for the opening of Gano iTouch Megastockist in Koronadal city in South Cotabato, Philippines. 

To know more about Gano iTouch's products, you may check out Gano iTouch Koronadal's online store, Shop Ganoderma and like our Facebook page here :)

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