Petronas Twin Towers: Asia's Most Sparkling Megastructure

Petronas Twin Towers
This 450 meters, 88 storey buildings put itself on the map when it became the world's tallest twin towers until today. The Petronas Twin Towers, which took 6 years to complete, has first earned it's much deserved global recognition in 1998 to 2004 when it was hailed as the world's tallest building before there was Taipei 101 and Burj Dubai. Still iconic and proud, this ambitious project which stands at the country's capital Kuala Lumpur, has ultimately become Malaysia's status symbol. 

Petronas was first introduced to me in the movie "Entrapment". Few years later, learned about the  project's construction challenges (unstable foundation, design aesthetics, schedule workload etc.) from watching National Geographic's documentary series, the Megatructures. I got even more interested when it became a much talked about tourist spot during family conversations after many of my relatives raved after seeing the amazing skyscraper.  

A dream come true
Since then, it has been my dream to see the Petronas Twin Towers in person. When I went to the 17th Travel Tour Expo last year, I took a picture of me (left photo) with a huge Petronas image in my background, pasted that photo on my vision board together with the mini-Petronas souvenir my aunt gave and a year after...   

Night and Day trip: me at the Petronas Twin Towers 

Yes! My vision board rocks! I love you Lord, you're always full of surprises. This whole trip came as a surprise, a very wonderful surprise :)

Oh Petronas, you are so gorgeous! You spark like a diamond, like a rare gigantic piece of gem. 

Petronas stainless steel and glass exteriors
Kuala Lumpur (Petronas as seen from the highway)
We took a long walk on our first night in KL from Alpha Genesis hotel in Bukit Bintang all the way to Petronas. Walking is a good option since we've already stuffed ourselves during dinner in Sek Yuen Restoran. I will be posting more about my Malaysia tour, so watch out for that. Meanwhile you may check out the travel video I made.

This post is part of my Malaysia Incentive Trip Series:


  1. galing! you have both day and night photos of the petronas. day lang yung matino namin... yung night photos, palpak na! great photos :)

  2. thanks ms. Gladys, i was indeed fortunate to see the twin towers both during day and night. Thanks for dropping by :)


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