Tuna Pasalubong at Koronadal's Citra Mina Seafood Market

Citra Mina Koronadal
For those of you who want to bring home some fresh frozen tuna, I very much recommend a place highly popular down south of the Philippines, Citra Mina. With products caught from the waters of Celebs Sea and South Western Pacific, Citra Mina promises you'll have the best catch served to your dining table.

I often travel to Mindanao to visit my lola (who sadly passed away this January) and other relatives. Naturally,  I also get to visit interesting sights, usually a trip to Lake Sebu, Sultan Kudarat, General Santos, Davao and Koronadal. Last month when I was supposed to take another backpacking trip to South Cotabato with friends and a plane ticket booked 9 months prior to our scheduled trip, I found myself in my family's ancestral house to pay tribute and bid farewell to lola for one last time. Strangely, my friends canceled days before lola died. God has given me this schedule for a more meaningful trip back home. It was sad and heartbreaking. But as generic as it may sound, life goes on. Besides, lola has always been encouraging all her apos to travel and see the world while still young. Moving on...

Before leaving the province and heading to General Santos Airport, we dropped by at Citra Mina branch in Koronadal to buy the popular tuna pasalubong. Visiting Citra Mina has always been on my to do list, as it's highly demanded by my parents and I can't go home without it, lol. Most of the time, I buy packs of  blue marlin, tuna panga and tuna belly.
Citra Mina freezer doors
mom and uncle at the counter, waiting for the tuna to be boxed

sealed packs and bottles of tuna varieties 

So when in Koronadal or General Santos, try to visit Citra Mina and make your parents happy! Check out Kablon Farm Store as well.


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