Loving Palawan's Great Outdoors

colors of Palawan
The beach, the sun, the sand...the island province of Palawan is best known worldwide for its GREAT OUTDOORS.

Located at the western border of the Philippines, the irregular coastline of Palawan boasts a land area of 1,703,075 hectares and roughly 1,780 islands of sugar-white sandy beaches. From Manila, the capital city Puerto Princesa is approximately an hour's travel by plane. 

February 21, 2012 - I boarded a Cebu Pacific plane bound to Puerto Princesa to experience the much raved Palawan adventure.Together with Uncle No and Aunt Lily, our first glimpse of Palawan was unforgettable, as expected. For 3 days and 2 nights, we drove from one tourist spot to another, the outdoor tours, picturesque stop overs, freshly grilled seafood dinners, the welcoming locals..geez, that 3-day Puerto Princesa tour was too short to fully explore the Palawan outdoors, I don't even think a week-long vacation would be enough, considering there's still Coron, El Nido and Amanpulo (yes, I'm hopeful to experience the pricey Amanpulo)!

limestone cliffs

Its sublime beauty never fails to enchant locals and foreign visitors. Imagine the country's cleanest and greenest city surrounded by sparkling hues of blue waters. Without a doubt, Puerto Princesa is blessed with so many breathtaking sights to explore and offers exciting outdoor activities.

The planning part of my first ever Palawan adventure like many of my out of town trips started 10 months before the scheduled flight. Again, thanks to Cebu Pacific's Piso Fare, my roundtrip ticket to Palawan only cost me roughly Php350! And last September, we were able to get huge discount by securing a package tour during Philippine Travel Mart. Lucky me, right?!

the lucky three :)
60 year old crocodile skeleton from Palawan Crocodile Farm

But Palawan's not only for the lovers of the sun and sea. It's also a haven for Foodies like me where you can just treat yourself in the many seafood restaurants within the city or check out some locals selling a bowl of tamilok at the fun, beautiful beach of Sabang.

Eel in Coco Cream from KaLui
More Palawan outdoor photos!

I'm a Palawanderer!
Palawan Mangroves
entrance - Underground River
Sabang Zipline
panoramic view of Sabang Beach in Palawan
This post kick starts my Palawan series. Note however, that unlike the usual 3 days 2 nights Puerto Princesa tour (city tour-UR-Honda Bay), ours is slightly different. With my aunt still not 100% cancer free, we have to keep in mind the value of travel comfort and practice caution for her. So if you're planning to spend days in Puerto Princesa along with your loved ones that needs extra care or say, elders who wants to just relax but still can see more of the place, feel free to copy our itinerary. Keep posted guys!

Palawan series:


  1. I consider my summer 2012 as the best since me and my family went to Palawan. I really love the beach and the fresh sea food the place has to offer. You will surely have fun in Palawan.:)


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