Rediscovering Luneta

Rizal Monument

At the heart of Manila is the historic Rizal Park, also known as Luneta, a nearly 200 year old, 52 hectare public park lined with trees, historic spots and points of interest. The monument of the national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, who was martyred at Bagumbayan in 1898, proudly stands alongside the country's tallest flagpole. The park also has a relief map of the Philippines, lagoon and fountain, open air theater, theme gardens, picnic areas, planetarium, a walk of heroes, and art gallery, among others. It's been more than a decade since I last visited Luneta and I could say revisiting the spot now has been more enjoyable especially at night when lights and music adds up to the fun and humble Manila vibe.

We started the weekday tour at MV Logos Hope and then to Intramuros and decided to end the trip at Luneta Park specifically to watch its Dancing Musical Fountain. I simply miss seeing these choreographed musical fountains come to life.

Rizal Park: local and foreign visitors

It's surprising to know that in the 1970's, the then called "Luneta Fountain" was recognized to be the most colourful and advanced choreographed fountain not only in Asia but in the whole world. While the Luneta Dancing Fountain was the pioneer and the number one in high-tech fountain from 1968 to 1986, this once beautiful enchanting fountain with advanced technologies was left un-operational. But thanks to former Tourism Secretary Alberto Lim, the make-over efforts to beautify and  restore not only the fountain but the whole park as well, today's generation of ManileƱos as well as foreign tourists can enjoy a greener and way more beautiful historic park.

The first few splashes happens at around 6pm, perfect time to also enjoy the sunset that provides a more dramatic backdrop against the colorful display of lights. We bought packs of snacks to munch while watching the night's colorful 88 feet pulsating high center jet. The central lagoon where the synchronized dancing musical fountain sits has three parts and we opt to stand in the mid part in front of the peacock water screen . 

Check out our video of the Dancing Musical Fountain swaying to the beat of Charice's "Louder"

I've seen the Musical Fountain Show of Manila Ocean Park and I can't help but compare. Although the one in MOP is a lot more dynamic and probably more tech-y, with more variety of sways and surprising splashes, I think the one in Luneta is much bigger and offers a more closer and personal appeal to sightseers. It also showcases laser lights, a couple of fire effects plus it's a cheaper (heck it's FREE) alternative as well for friends and families to enjoy.


  1. been in Manila for several times but still didn't set food in Luneta =( nice one =)


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