The Farm That Funds My Travel Fancy

It has been 4 years since I left the kapamilya network. Since then, I never had a regular day job, never looked back and started to enjoy the freedom of TIME I dearly missed.

I'm not rich and I'm still on the process of working hard to achieve the financial freedom I yearn to have. But somehow, surprisingly, as much as I hate Math, I realized the knack for money matters comes easy for me, and that somehow helps me fund this wanderlust. So how do I do it?

Let me share one in particular...

I'm proud to have come from a really big clan in Southern Mindanao, with both Ilonggo parents together with their siblings owning hectares of farm lots in Sultan Kudarat which I often visit every time I travel back in the province. I love farms as much as I enjoy lakes, falls and mountains, so when offered by a trusted uncle to invest with mom in the clan's farm two years ago, I immediately said yes.

Dad has personally planted fruit seeds in his farm lot. I've tasted fruits from his mango trees, kalamansi and banana trees and seen them grow but it wasn't much as income generating. Mom's farm lot planted with palay on the other hand, while being managed by my uncle who knows heaps about organic farming has made me and many farmers smile big time.

What I like about investing in a farm is the great possibility of return. Based on personal experience, this is by far the least amount of cash I initially invested compared with insurance and stock investing yet the farm yielded the best annual return. ROI can reach to as much as 300% net profit with good weather condition playing a big factor.

With abundance of agricultural lots here in the Philippines, farming deserves a second look, as it can be a rewarding piece of investment.

Some things I learned to enjoy a good harvest:

1. Good location with irrigation. Farms in Mindanao are ideal because they're rarely visited by typhoons.

2. Trusted "farm manager".

3. Maintain a good relationship with farmers.

4. Organic Farming may cost more in the beginning but provides better quality produce in the end.

I haven't visited the farm during the actual harvest to personally thank the hardworking farmers and my uncle we all fondly call "superman" for always checking out the farm every weekends travelling all the way from Davao to Tacurong. 

Farm road

my younger siblings and cousin: on the way to farm during our last visit in 2008

This is the farm that funds my wanderlust ^_^

I started investing from the day I started having my first regular job working for a crazy 24 hours in the world of TV production. While others are enjoying their brand new gadgets, clothes and cars, I save in every way possible even up to the last centavo. Tried my hands too on selling stuffs from World Trade Center to garage sales - fun, tiring and enriching experience. I enjoyed both the world of employment and business at the same time. In fact my first ever trip abroad happened because of another business venture - FREE Asian trip!

Basically, I Save before I Spend. And I SAVE to INVEST. Then I use some of the passive income earned from those investments to fund my passion to travel.

It pays to work hard, but it's rewarding to WORK SMART.

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  1. Nice one! Marami din nagsasabi na ok nga raw talaga mag-invest sa farm within Mindanao dahil bihira nga daanan ng bagyo. Ako naman gusto ko fish pond dito sa Dagupan then mga bangus hehe :D

    1. The weather condition in Mindanao is a good recipe for profitable farming. Maganda rin na we put our investments right on our hometown. Having a fish pond business is one of my dad's dream too :)

  2. I agree 100% that it's best to invest the money. I saved up for years before wising up, and since I entered the investment world, I became more financially free :)

    1. Iba talaga ang feeling na may natatabi ka at alam mong gumagalaw ang perang pinaghirapan mo - money working for you ^_^

  3. I love farms too! Tama! farmers needs funds to plant, you are helping them by investing to them. Pero syempre ingat din kasi baka tamad yung mainvestan mo. Thanks for this post. Lumalawak yung kaalaman ko on investing. :D

    1. I agree, a knowledgeable and TRUSTED "farm manager" plays a major key for a farm business to succeed.

  4. That's a great way to invest - you literally reap the seeds you sow :)

    1. Totoong magtanim ay di biro but even newbie investors (esp those in the province) should consider farms as a great real estate investment.

  5. this is inspiring! Living in bukidnon.. most of us here invest on farms. it is really a big help!

  6. Magtanim ay di biro maghapon nakayuko haha


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