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A Business Opportunity in Baguio

It's July and rainy season has long officially started. When an uncle invited me to go to Baguio with sidetrip in Dagupan, I got uber excited. I have been wanting to experience Baguio during the rainy months of June to September. I bet it's gonna be one cold, wet trip - sounds fun! 

Our group's main goal is to check out both Eagle Crest Villa's branches in Bonuan, Dagupan and Bakakeng Road, Baguio. We're also scheduled to meet the man behind these subdivisions who happened to be my uncle's brother in law. So yes, this is a travel slash business trip - my most favorable type of travel.

Dagupan Sidetrip: Tondaligan Beach Morning Views

Our van stopped at what seems to be an abandoned building.  I find my way upstairs and there I saw a 360 degree sweeping view of the whole property overlooking a beach as pointed out by Tita Sally. The morning sun beams a golden glow against the coconut trees scattered around the area. I am with a group that is scheduled to check the two branches of Eagle Crest Villa, our first stop is Dagupan.

My 15 Fondest Memories of South Cotabato

I am a proud Mindanaoan by birth, born in a sleepy town in Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat. But I left my birthplace even before I turned 1, when both parents decided to start a family life in the bustling city of Manila. As our family members increase and plane fares became steeper, the more difficult it has been for us to travel back to province for week long visits. But when those trips happen, we make sure it would be one unforgettable travel experience.

South Cotabato is Home.

South Cotabato, a neighboring province of Sultan Kudarat has been our second home in Mindanao where many of my relatives live. Long before the province became famous for Seven Falls, T'boli tribe and for sheltering the most scenic zipline in the Philippines, South Cotabato, specifically the highlands of Lake Sebu has been our family's secret hideaway. A place of retreat, healing and of many happy reunions where fogs, lilies, fireflies, swiftlets are a familiar sight and cold freezing nights stick to mind…