A Business Opportunity in Baguio

It's July and rainy season has long officially started. When an uncle invited me to go to Baguio with sidetrip in Dagupan, I got uber excited. I have been wanting to experience Baguio during the rainy months of June to September. I bet it's gonna be one cold, wet trip - sounds fun! 

Baguio Pines

Our group's main goal is to check out both Eagle Crest Villa's branches in Bonuan, Dagupan and Bakakeng Road, Baguio. We're also scheduled to meet the man behind these subdivisions who happened to be my uncle's brother in law. So yes, this is a travel slash business trip - my most favorable type of travel.


Bridal Veil Falls: one of the falls you can see from Kennon Road

From Tondaligan beach in Pangasinan, we moved up north to Baguio through the scenic Kennon Road. My first and last trip via this famed zigzag road was in 2008 together with fellow production staff of "Ikaw ang Lahat Sa Akin" and the beautiful Bea Alonzo. I was excited to see Kennon Road once again because of  numerous falls I saw in 2008 but got a bit upset when I only saw a few. Geez, what happened? Landslides perhaps?

We parked inside a vacation house, beside Eagle Crest's entrance and met the man of the hour, Tito Ving. I was intimidated at first but the fact that I went along with my uncle and the owner's sisters, I eventually became more comfortable. Hence, he seemed to be one down-to-earth businessman. After a short hi's and hello's, we all made our way to the subdivision. The property from what I heard is the biggest subdivision in Baguio. The particular area we visited is its Phase 2 were 21 townhouse units are currently for sale.   

Baguio: Eagle Crest Villa Phase 2

It's difficult nowadays to own a property in Baguio, much less to build a house in a prime location. Eagle Crest Villa is situated right in front of the new 6 hectare Saint Louis University - Bakakeng Campus. A great opportunity I must say in case you decide to open and rent your house to college students. My favorite is the 3 storey townhouse unit which has 8 bedrooms. The floor plan gave me an idea when I can finally build my first tourist inn. It also has a good mountain view from the back window. These properties here are definitely good investment opportunities. To inquire about these townhouses, you may call John 'Nono' Suedad at +639192143807 or (02)7038279

Baguio's Star Cafe

Star Cafe

After the townhouse tripping, Tito Ving treated us to a wonderful lunch at Star Cafe located along Session Road. Memories of the 2011 Panagbenga Grand Float Parade came flashing in. The restaurant is probably the oldest in Baguio, opening its doors since 1940 and serves Chinese cuisine. The scent of cinnamon as you enter the building is an added attraction. Yup, they have baked goodies too!

Market shopping

Baguio Public Market

If you have a private car, it's highly recommended to go vegetable shopping in Baguio's public market. Here you'll find the freshest and cheapest healthy green produce from the Cordillera region. We bought sacks of veggies on our way home.

vibrant carrots

bottled pasalubong goodies

Our quick day trip to the city of pines may have gone by too fast. But it's great to refresh and smell the cool Baguio air once in a while. My anticipated rainshowers were a no show and it's less cooler than when I was there in February. 

To check out other Baguio Townhouse units for sale, visit


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