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Sorsogon: An Island Camp Experience (Part 3)

The previous night camp drama may have come as a challenge, if not a struggle. My dream to finally sleep inside a camping tent was cut short, I scrambled to not fall face flat from a wooden plank-turned-bed that's like half of my body size (i guess the coldness of the night plus the strong wind made my shivering body frozen like ice) - it's our little piece of adventure. Regardless, we were thankful that we're safe. And with a good sunrise view greeting us for a new day, we made sure to hit the beach and the waves in the equally beautiful 1.5 km stretch of sandbar - low tide that is.

I actually thought my first overnight camping jaunt would happen in Anawangin, a place in Zambales I've been eyeing to go since years ago. But Malawmawan Island didn't fail to impress, this island camp experience has surely been epic, as expected. The first day gave us some chill-out moments and the first night literally bought us chills with showers too! But our most enjoyable moment…

Sorsogon: An Island Camp Experience (Part 2)

Our first day in Malawmawan Island was off to a good start as the island tour kept us all in awe and inspired with ideas for upcoming developments. We've seen a flock of hawks flying above the island, admired seascapes, played with the island dogs, feasted on fresh was a day full of bliss.  But what transpired during the night caught us all by surprise.
The Unexpected Night Camp Experience

It was getting dark and we're ready to camp out under the moon and the stars on a breezy Sunday night of August and dream of more wonderlands. I helped pitch the tent near the kubo and laid the sleeping bag. It was my first time to set up a tent (madali lang pala) - the excited me and Hannah went inside the tent as soon as we finished setting it all up. I couldn't wait to get a comfortable sleep.

Sorsogon: An Island Camp Experience (Part 1)

Camping isn't exactly my forte as I've passed up many chances to join girl scout outdoor camping trips in high school. And so when my lust to wander outdoors finally sets in and the more adventurous side of me took place, I began to appreciate the occasional escape from my comfort zone and be more open to what if's and why not's - like my first island camp experience.