Sorsogon: An Island Camp Experience (Part 3)

The previous night camp drama may have come as a challenge, if not a struggle. My dream to finally sleep inside a camping tent was cut short, I scrambled to not fall face flat from a wooden plank-turned-bed that's like half of my body size (i guess the coldness of the night plus the strong wind made my shivering body frozen like ice) - it's our little piece of adventure. Regardless, we were thankful that we're safe. And with a good sunrise view greeting us for a new day, we made sure to hit the beach and the waves in the equally beautiful 1.5 km stretch of sandbar - low tide that is.

the compulsatory  jumpshot

I actually thought my first overnight camping jaunt would happen in Anawangin, a place in Zambales I've been eyeing to go since years ago. But Malawmawan Island didn't fail to impress, this island camp experience has surely been epic, as expected. The first day gave us some chill-out moments and the first night literally bought us chills with showers too! But our most enjoyable moment happened on the second day.

Good morning sunshine!
Malawmawan Island Sunrise

When East Meets West

The morning stroll was quite a walk. At the end of sandbar, we saw how the waters from both directions meet - so there goes the 'east meets west' interpretation.

sandbar's end

I may have been to a couple of beaches but haven't set foot on a sandbar before. Another great thing about this island's sandbar is that it's 1.5km long. Foreigners will surely love to sunbathe here. As for us Pinoys, it's ideal for us to go swimming in the morning when the sun is still friendly (mahirap maglakad ng 1 kilometro para lang makarating sa lilim! Lol).

I had fun shooting images and videos of us as much as I enjoyed sneaking photos on these two little guys. Everyone, meet the cheerful kids of the island - brothers Matt and John Lloyd! Yes, pangalan niya talaga yun!

The island serves no room for accommodation, it's a private property and is not yet open to public. But development is on the way. I will update this blogpost once I get news on its development.

Although the island has been opened before to locals of Sorsogon and even foreign visitors who wants to drop by and dive, many has never heard of Malawmawan Island. It has remained to be a secret, an unexplored destination far from any traveler's radar. Blessed with natural resources, I can sense a great potential for this island. It may not become as luxurious as that of Elephant Island-turned-Bellarocca fame but this 30 hectare retreat offering a 1.5km sandbar will hopefully become a dream destination to many outdoor enthusiasts.

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  1. Is there a fresh water source in Malawmawan Island?

    1. No electricity and no fresh water source (for now). Tinipid namin talaga yung tubig panligo as they still have to get water from the mainland. Tawid dagat pa.


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