Boracay, Away from the Crowd

Boracay can get overly crowded, yes. But here's one side of Boracay that may re-ignite travelers who visited the beach 20 years ago to come back and give this island a second look. Here are some visual proof that Boracay can still be someone's solemn refuge.

Boracay White Beach - Station 3

The first 3 photos were taken at White Beach Station 3 a few minutes before 6 in the morning. I went out of the room and immediately walked straight to the beach. The sun was already up but the view was unlike any sunrise views I've seen. It was dreamy and glowing. With the morning sun throwing in beautiful rays of soft orange hues, the whole stretch of the beach makes for a picture perfect panoramic photo. The sweeping view felt like I just literally jump into a watercolor canvas with a breathtaking color palette. I love Boracay sunset, but this early morning surprise is definitely worth raving about. And so far, this is my best beach morning experience.

Good morning Boracay! 
I can sit here, make sandcastles and stare at this view for the entire day.

Ang sarap talaga mag-swim kapag ganito ang view :)

We went to Boracay right after the long weekend of All Soul's Day. The trip happened on November 4-8 with the first and last day allotted on a 9 hour 2Go sea trip. That was really the intention to avoid the crowd swarming the holidays, and it was the best decision we made. The weather was just right, although it rained for 2 late nights making the above morning photos cloudy. Nevertheless, it was generally sunny. Sun worshipers have an ample room to stroll along the beach and restaurants were not as crowded as I expected it to be. I booked a family room at an affordable beachfront resort at Station 3 - Marzon Beachfront Resort. The place is a hidden gem and my parents simply fell in love with it (will blog more about Marzon in succeeding posts).

Dad walking by the beach

Based on my experience, you need to get a hotel away from the crowd if you want a more relaxed Boracay ambiance and if you can, travel on weekdays. Station 3 is a very good option, and food is way cheaper there. In fact when we tried having our lunch at beachfront carinderia, we only paid a very affordable Php300 that's already good for 5 hungry bunch. I so love Station 3!

 Dad and my sister enjoying the powdery white sand (this is the beach area in front of the resort)

Boracay hailed as 2012 World's Best Island by Travel+Leisure Magazine may have been Philippine's top tourist destination, a beach mecca and every party goers paradise but still, quiet spots do exist, if you just know where to look.

Stay tune for my upcoming Boracay series.

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A Beach Mecca that is Boracay


  1. I really love the resorts in boracay, the ambiance so nice and wide. The place is peaceful and many friendly people out there.

  2. Boracay is best enjoyed during November talaga. Walang lumot and less crowded. We were there on the first week naman, Oct. 29 to Nov. 2.

    1. I agree, walang lumot so picture perfect ang Boracay pag ganung month :)

  3. Station 3 is indeed a good place to stay here in Boracay. Several Caucasians still prefer to stay there. It's quiet and accommodations are not that expensive compared to those found in Stations 1 and 2.

    1. Guess I'll still stick with Station 3 if ever I go back to Boracay, just love the serenity there.

  4. sa Malay pataas ng boracay, un ung malayo tlaga sa crowd.. lalo na ung puka beach.. malapit na sa carabao island eh...

    1. Oh yes, I've heard of the Puka Beach. Yun ang na-miss namin, oh well more reason to go back to Boracay.


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