Boracay: A Family Friendly Trip

Mom has just celebrated her birthday and dad has just arrived for his 2 week long vacation from work. What to do? Plan a relaxed but fun Boracay adventure for the family!

Dad may have been to Boracay thrice but being a mouse potato that I am, he allowed me to find all the necessary accommodations that I deem proper for our family. We left our 4 boys who need to attend to each of their school and work duties and made this beach trip an all girl bonding + dad. So to my brothers, sorry boys, it's the girls day out :P

Boracay is both a party place and a family getaway. Now in their 50's, mom and dad wanted the vacation to be more laidback, beach bumming kind. Away from my past and usual backpacking stunts, this trip for me is also a breather. We chose to sail to Boracay rather than fly. It was way relaxing than having to go through airport delays and hours of land transfers. Read our sea adventure here

This recent trip made me appreciate the value of togetherness. It's been a while since I hit the road with both mom and dad and it was a joy to see both parents enjoying the sights, the people, the food and the white powdery sands of Boracay. They both love to swim as we often spend our weekends on many Laguna resorts when I was a teen.

Our beachfront accommodation gave us the comfort of enjoying the waters even more. Literally just 5 steps from the entrance and we can already savor the sands, give in to an afternoon siesta, make sandcastles (in our case we shoved mom under and carved her own powdery mermaid tail), do a morning jog (which dad happily did), and simply made fun of ourselves underwater. (Thanks to a Php100 waterproof bag I purchased in D'Mall)

Our island hopping plus snorkeling activity became one of the highlights of the trip. I contacted kuya Ron, who has gained a lot of satisfied customers from fellow PEXers for his very cheap rate. Thus, he's my top option, especially after I've seen the prices from others who've offered my dad. We were asked to go to Station 1 near Astoria to meet with our boat captain, kuya Rey.

Our activities, although limited, were already memorable. I'll surely do those famed Boracay water activities on my next visit.

I can't be thankful enough to God for granting me this wish. Hopefully next time, everyone is present. We're so missing the 4 gangsters here.

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