Boracay: Itinerary, Expenses and Tips

Boracay may seem to be an expensive destination. But here's one thing I realized, like many of Philippines finest tourist spots, it can be done on a budget, especially if all you want is to simply enjoy the waters. Afterall, Boracay is really about the powdery sand and the crystal clear waters. 5 members of the family was able to enjoy Boracay in less than Php30,000 (all in!) Feel free to copy our itinerary ^_^

Trip Schedule: November 4-8, 2012
Onboard: 2Go Vessel from Batangas to Caticlan and back
Accommodation: Marzon Beach Resort (Station 3, White Beach)
Family of 5

snorkeling site

November 4, 2012
     Board 2Go for the 8pm trip to Caticlan

November 5, 2012
     Boracay Day 1
          Resort Check in Stroll Station 3 to Station 2
          Lunch at SMOKE in D’Mall
          Beach Bum / Swim
          Seaside Dinner
         Watch Firedancers

November 6, 2012
     Boracay Day 2
          Island Hopping and snorkeling
          Check out Station 1
          Beach Bum / Swim
          Seaside Lunch
          Beach Bum / Swim
          Check out D’Mall for Pasalubong Shopping

November 7, 2012
     Boracay Day 3
          Morning swim
          Resort Check out
          Board 2Go for the 7pm trip to Batangas

November 8, 2012
     Arrive at Batangas Pier
     Road home

Boracay Station 3

Php8,854  2Go Roundtrip tickets from Batangas to Caticlan
                 Batangas to Caticlan (1 stateroom for 2 and 3 tourist class)
                 Caticlan to Batangas ( cabin for 4 and 1 tourist class)
                *purchased tourist class tickets during their promo
Php5,600  Accommodation (3D2N)
Php1,262  Land Transport (Alabang to Batangas roundtrip)
Php1,350  Island Hopping with snorkelling
Php8,000  Food
Php1,400  Terminal Fee (Batangas, Caticlan, Cagban)
Php375     Environmental Fee (Php75 each)
Php125     Ferry (Caticlan to Boracay) (Php25 each)
Php150     Fastcraft (Boracay to Caticlan) (Php30 each)
Php250     Multicab (Port to Station 3)
Php75      Station 3 to Station 1(Php15 each)

Php27,441 Total

Note that this does not include pasalubong shopping ^_^ See, our families can still experience Boracay even on a budget. In our case, Php30,000 for a 5 day trip for the 5 of us!

Budget and Travel Tips 
1. Going to Boracay with students? The bus fare from Alabang to Batangas Pier is priced at Php137, for students it’s Php110. Go use that student id!
2. Our beachfront accommodation is definitely a steal. Read why Marzon Beach Resort Boracay
3. Go pack your own baon when boarding the ship.
4. If you feel like you’ve just went overboard on food meals, then try to give your pocket a breath. Go for carindera!
5. For cheap water activities, contact kuya Ron at 09209060466.
6. Go off peak season and during weekdays to avoid huge crowd.
7. Station 3 nearing Angol offers a cheap and laidback beach feel.

Got any more tips? Share them! ^_^

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Boracay: Itinerary, Expenses and Tips 
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  1. At first I thought it was too expensive to visit boracay... but 30,000 for 3-4 days, 6000 per person is affordable. Really, I never thought you can go to boracay with this budget. Thanks for this itinerary. :)

    1. Dad was surprised we pulled off our Boracay trip with this budget. Inexpensive but still a fun experience and comfortable too. I was with my family so I have to keep in mind their comfort level, if I was with a group of friends or just traveling solo, I'm pretty sure I can manage to get way below this budget. ^_^

  2. Nice tip.. I never thought also that it will be affordable going on a Boracay trip.. Thanks for sharing... | Migration Expert UK

  3. The last time we went to boracay packages we spent over 20,000. Wow I can't believe we can go to boracay without spending too much money. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Great blog
    post! I don’t understand how long it will require me to obtain through all of

  5. Hi, did your Boracay accommodations that cost Php5, 600 is per head or per room?

  6. Nice! Thank you very much for posting the itinerary! P 30,000 good for 5 persons must be very affordable! I also found an interesting offer here.


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