Travel Video: Boracay

Location: Boracay Island

Sometimes traveling is not just about going to a new exotic place and enjoying that picturesque destination that makes the whole trip epic. It could be as simple as enjoying the faces of your happy loved ones as they smile and wonder the place with you. The recent Boracay trip was a smashing success. I finally saw mom and sisters wearing big hats and sundresses. It was a great introduction to Boracay - sunny weather, lesser crowd and prices are still not over the top expensive.
This is probably my first ever travel video of a family trip. And I'm happy to have the setting in Boracay. To the universe, more family trips please!

Enjoy the video everyone! ^_^

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  1. Agree! One of the most meaningful trips talaga would always be with your family. Nice video! The way how it was zoomed out/in, focused, and you mga stolen moments. Ganda. :D

    Fat Voyage

  2. Impressive Boracay which remains to be on my bucketlists :)

    1. Yes Doc Wends, Boracay is impressive. The beach has its own unique charm and we love that white powdery sand. Ang sarap magswimming at ang daming isda! ^_^


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