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12 For 2012, A Year End Post

With only a few hours left before we officially bid farewell to the year that was, I look back at some interesting travel highlights of 2012. Experiences consisting of many firsts... I consider 2012 as my travel year as I got to explore destinations month after month.

So here goes my simple year end post, 12 for 2012.

12. Getting inside a Floating Library

To be surrounded with thousands of affordable books inside MV Logos Hope, a ship famous for being the largest floating book fair in the world is definitely a unique experience I got to share with mom and my youngest sister. We hoarded books to our liking and got to interact with international volunteers as well.

Banaue-Sagada-Baguio Route: Itinerary and Budget Tips

This trip took place on the eve of November 29 - December 2, 2012. Away from packaged tours (as always), let me share some notes of our day to day activities during our long weekend in Sagada.

Sagada Newbies, No More!

The natural high upon seeing the grandest staircase becomes more irresistible as we get closer and closer to our weekend destination.

So we've just arrived in Sagada enroute Banaue. 
One thing I instantly noticed was that it wasn't as cold as I'd expected it to be. I never wore my jacket from the moment I stepped into the Ohayami bus up until it gets dark in Sagada. The last two seats of the bus wasn't as ice freezing cold as those seats in front of us, perfect spot for a maginawin like me :) The February breeze in Baguio was way more chilly than Sagada's late November air.

Sagada: Afternoon Trek to Bomod-ok Falls

Bomod-ok Falls
Trekking may sound so rigorous and Sagada is synonymous to treks and long walks. The long trek to  Sagada's hidden spot called Bomod-ok Falls is a must do activity for the scene is definitely worth all the gasps and muscle pains. It was the first time I met some of my companions, while others I met during the Laguna trip. They may not be hard core travelers and definitely not mountaineers, but these Makati girls I met during the holiday escape surely knows how to make trekking fun, occasionally bursting with laughters in the air when really, all they wanted is to scream for Salonpas and Alaxan during and after the climb. ^_^

Sagada: Residential Lodge

Months before our scheduled Sagada trip, I scouted for an affordable lodging with positive reviews online. Our travel date falls on a long weekend (November 29-December 2) so I have to plan ahead. This is the first time we'll be going to Sagada so proximity should be considered, a lodging house near the city center works best, it's close to pretty much everything.

Included in Top Specialty Lodging list in TripAdvisor, Residential Lodge has a good spot perfect for Sagada newbies.

Sagada: Morning Trek to Marlboro Country

view from Marlboro Country
Our group in general may not have the physical strength to brave the dark and difficult trail inside the enchanting Sumaguing Cave, this I know from the start. Still wanting to offer something challenging to the group, I pitched an off beaten path, not included in the usual tourist's itinerary. I must admit, I'm not really sure what to expect when I included this destination although I know two things - one, it's a great camping ground and two, if lucky, one can spot some wild horses here, hence the name Marlboro Country.

Travel Video: Sagada

Location: Banaue Rice Terraces, Halselma highway, Marlboro Country, Kiltepan Peak, Lake Danum, Bomod-ok Falls, Echo Valley, Sagada, Mountain Province

Ending this year on travel video list is my latest music editing work for the Sagada series. Sagada is so beautiful that I have to make this a 12 minute-long video, way longer than my usual travel videos.

From Banaue: The Winding Beauty to Sagada

roadside views from Banaue to Sagada
After more than 11 hours on the road, we finally arrived in Banaue. Onboard the Ohayami Bus from Manila, we met Hanz, a fellow passenger who offered us to drive to Sagada for Php300/pax. We agreed to meet him after we take a quick breakfast while he gets his jeep. Our group of 9 will be sharing the jeep with 3 backpackers from Barcelona, Spain. This starts our weekend Sagada adventure.

JLo Dance Again World Tour: A Dream Come True Concert

I have something to confess. This blogger is a certified JLo fan and every family, close friend, classmate and colleague knows how much of a fan I am.
Jennifer Lopez caught my eyes and captured my heart after watching the movie Selena in HBO. She delivered so well, I caught myself teary eyed during the last few scenes. I was in high school back then, few weeks followed and she released her first single "If You Had My Love". I was hooked.

A Beach Mecca that is Boracay

With Boracay now dubbed as 2012 World's Best Island (even beating the famous Santorini), tourists from the world over are expected to crowd this small but jampacked island which probably owns the softest sand in the world.
Mom and daughter moments in White Beach, Boracay
What sets Boracay stand out from the other islands? Aside from the island's physical attributes - tropical...posing palm trees...sparkling waters...and not just fine but powdery white sands, Boracay is everything a grandeur vacationer or a backpacker would want. From bare to splendid, it offers many options for travelers around the globe.