A Beach Mecca that is Boracay

With Boracay now dubbed as 2012 World's Best Island (even beating the famous Santorini), tourists from the world over are expected to crowd this small but jampacked island which probably owns the softest sand in the world.

Mom and daughter moments in White Beach, Boracay

What sets Boracay stand out from the other islands? Aside from the island's physical attributes - tropical...posing palm trees...sparkling waters...and not just fine but powdery white sands, Boracay is everything a grandeur vacationer or a backpacker would want. From bare to splendid, it offers many options for travelers around the globe.

Shangri-La Boracay Resort and Spa

If you're the type who fancies the island's best resorts and doesn't mind shelling out some extra moolah, Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa and Discovery Shores are Boracay's top resorts. Don't have the budget? Then look for the Php500 Fan Room (yes that's possible) and still experience the same famed waters.

White Beach Divers Hostel 

Boracay's dancing cooks and waiters
It's More Fun in the Philippines!

In Boracay, it's not just about the food, which by the way offers a variety from classic Filipino dishes to Indian cuisine to Mediterranean, heck there's even Yellow Cab in the area. Guess what, McDonalds will soon open there too! It's all about the food experience. My suggestion? Go treat yourself to meat and seafood buffets set along the shore during dinner time. Remove those flipflops and immerse your tired feet under the sand while enjoying the food and drinks under the Philippines stars.

island's seafood

Boracay firedancer

While Boracay is mainly a 'party beach' of sort, there are places that still spells tranquility. Read Boracay, Away from the Crowd
The Colours of Boracay

Boracay sunset and silhouettes

Water activities being offered in the island includes para-sailing, helmet diving, snorkeling, windsurfing,  banana boat ride, cliff jumping, paraw sailing and more. Boracay's another attraction are its breathtaking dive sites, thus scuba divers from Asian and European countries stay here even longer.

Prepping for the dive

Boracay sand

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A Beach Mecca that is Boracay


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