JLo Dance Again World Tour: A Dream Come True Concert

Jennifer Lopez and the Philippine Flag

I have something to confess. This blogger is a certified JLo fan and every family, close friend, classmate and colleague knows how much of a fan I am.

Jennifer Lopez caught my eyes and captured my heart after watching the movie Selena in HBO. She delivered so well, I caught myself teary eyed during the last few scenes. I was in high school back then, few weeks followed and she released her first single "If You Had My Love". I was hooked.

The Big Concert Announcement

Watching Jennifer Lopez in her concert, like any fan, has always been part of my bucket list. But it was only last year when I told my friends out loud how I wanted to see her perform live before she reaches 50! A year after, that dream came true!!!

When talks about the big possibility of Jennifer Lopez bringing her Dance Again World Tour Concert in Manila, I immediately accepted the idea that my scheduled November trips can possibly fall on the concert date. But I'm always ready to give up a trip for the concert. I'm actually ready to give up anything for the concert ^_^

The concert as expected comes with a price tag, a hefty one actually. But I'm willing to shell out for this one night event. Php10,000 was my ceiling price and that would give me a seat at the lower box c. VIP tickets which were sold like hotcakes are priced at a whopping Php25,840. My dilemma came when no one wanted to go with me at the lower box c so I have to gulped at the idea that I will be watching JLo from General Admission just to see her and enjoy the concert with a friend. Ang pangit naman kasi if ako lang mag-isa sa lower box.

Buwis buhay Concert

I was able to reserve a ticket at the farthest General Admission seat but much closer to the stage. A friend who've watched a Backstreet Boys concert has warned me about the steep steps but I never thought it was that steep! Ava, my concert buddy that night and I slowly walked to our reserved seats. Scared not to fall, I grabbed one chair handle after the other. I wouldn't recommend Gen Ad seats for those who have fear of heights because honestly, the set up is like a disaster waiting to happen, poor planning I must say. Ava and I were joking about not ever standing up to buy food or to go to a restroom. We'll just stick ourselves onto our seats, bahala na. But when JLo performed the second song which turned out to be my favorite, I was quick to get up. Parang on cue lang. Nawala na din ang takot ko, I was at natural high.

Concert goers were careful and it takes some courage and balancing before one can muster the courage to stand up, scream and enjoy the music.

We may be at the highest seats of the venue but interestingly, we can see what happens backstage. So obviously, kami yung mga unang sumisigaw ^_^

If I have to sum up how I felt about the concert, just listen to my fave song, 'Waiting for Tonight'. I've waited for that night to happen and JLo proved that at 43, she still has that body, energy and vocal prowess to make me stand, scream and dance up from that scary seat.

17 songs, 10 costume changes, laser lights, booty shaking, 2 hours of impressive performances - this is definitely a dream come true concert.


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